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Ngapipi Road, Tamaki Drive – Russian Roulette with delays!

Another person on a bike has been injured at Auckland’s worst cycling blackspot, Tamaki Drive / Ngapipi Road. Details are sketchy so far, but it seems that despite the crash involving […]

The New Old New Old Mangere Bridge – the saga continues!

The saga of Mangere Bridge reads like a litany of woes. The troubles began with the very first timber version, which opened in 1875 and was soon attacked by shipworms. It was also so narrow […]

Oct 13, 2015
Welcome a new Greenway out west – Sunday 18 October, 1-3

Here’s a sign of great things to come – the official blessing of the first section of the planned Te Whau Pathway. It’s a small section, but every path starts somewhere! […]

Oct 12, 2015
A tiki-tour detour at St Lukes, now through the end of 2015

Hi folks. If you ride the NW cycleway, you will have already encountered the detour to the east of the St Lukes intersection. This will be in place until the […]

Hold the (yellow) line – Auckland Transport moves on cycle lane markings

Great news in one of the more formalistic – but crucial – aspects of Auckland cycleway infrastructure: Auckland Transport have reviewed, and changed, their attititude to no stopping markings in […]

Sep 26, 2015
Of MAMILs and PEOPLE – what the latest AT survey tells us

Auckland Transport’s 2015 annual walking and cycling survey has just been released, and it paints an interesting picture of the present and the potential landscape for cycling. (Notes about the survey: […]

Nelson St cycleway, Phase 2 – consultation closes next Monday!

Consultation opens today on Phase 2 of the Nelson St cycleway. Phase 1 is of course NZTA’s spectacular bridge + flyover connection which loops down from Upper Queen St, along Canada St, onto […]

Those dashed yellow lines – we jolly well need them!

Seen a bike lane blocked or invaded by cars lately? We need your help! Matt Lowrie’s blog post Friday before last had me shouting “Yes! Yes!” Have you read it? It’s […]

A new ramp at Henderson Creek – with photos

Our Westie champ Phil has been keeping an eye on developments along Henderson Creek, and sent us this photo essay of recent improvements (plus a few Could Do Betters)… The new ramp […]

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