How many customers can fit in one parking space? (Image courtesy Bike Te Atatu. )
The local ice cream parlour loves it when Bike Te Atatu shows up!

Auckland’s big… really big. And it’s full of people who love bikes. In fact, you’re all over the map, which is fantastic – because local action is a key part of making Auckland a more bike-friendly city. Hence the growing collection of Bike Burb groups.

What’s a Bike Burb? Well, just as the city itself is a network of villages, we’re keen to foster local groups that focus on making your particular part of town better for riding a bike (and by extension, walking).

What does a Bike Burb do? That’s up to you – family-friendly rides, bike swaps and fix-its, ‘bike-ifying’ local events, hands-on advocacy, sharing information and working with the local board, helping schools get back into biking, showing local business associations that bikes mean business, giving in-the-know feedback on official plans for your area. You decide.

What it looks like when Bike Devonport rides to the beach.

How does a Bike Burb work? Whatever suits you. Take a lead from the originals – Bike Te Atatu, Bike Devonport, Cycle Action Waiheke – or generate your own distinct vibe. The groups are independent of Bike Auckland, but we facilitate sharing between the groups and are a central point of contact for questions, advocacy training, and connections with others who can make things happen.

How do I find my Bike Burb? See below for a list of current ‘burbs, and to find out how to get in touch if you’re keen to start something up where you are.

Here’s a list of the current Bike ‘Burbs. Click through to their social media pages and websites:

  • Bike Te Atatu: facebook twitter www email
  • Bike Devonport: facebook twitter www email
  • Triple Teez (Mangere): facebook email
  • Cycle Action Waiheke: facebook email
  • Bike Grey Lynn: facebook
  • Bike Avondale: facebook twitter
  • Bike Kaipatiki: facebook www email
  • Bike Albany: facebook
  • Bike Onehunga: facebook
  • Bike Orewa: facebook
  • PATH (Mt Roskill): facebook twitter www email
  • Bike Pt Chev: facebook email
  • Bike Eastern Suburbs: facebook email
  • Bike Kumeunity: facebook
  • Bike Green Bay: facebook
  • Bike East Auckland: facebook twitter email
  • Central Bike District: facebook
  • Bike Shore: facebook email
  • Bike Tamaki Drive: facebook
  • Bike Titirangi: facebook
  • Bike Mt Albert: facebook
  • Bike Aroha Tamaki: facebook
  • SugarTree Cyclists: facebook

Are you part of a Bike Burb group and looking for resources? Click the big blue button below.

Bike ‘Burbs Resources

Do you know about a group not on this list? Are you keen to start up a bike group in your Burb? Or wondering if anyone else is too? Or have an idea for the Burbs? Fill in this form and we’ll get back to you.