Stage 1 of Te Whau Pathway was officially opened over the weekend, with Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse in attendance. And the Pathway has a gorgeous new website, giving the history and future of this magnificent project, which is projected for completion over the next 5-8 years. We hear Stage 1a is already out for consultation.

The website is a great resource – maps, photos, and you can sign up for a regular newsletter to keep you up to date. It’s exciting to think about this beautiful greenway, accessible and community-focussed, eventually linking Green Bay to Te Atatu Peninsula (through New Lynn), along the banks of the Whau River and via local parks and green spaces. Auckland’s really opening up to people on foot and on bikes. Onwards!

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse opening State I of Te Whau Pathway, with some little helpers.

Whau Coastal Walkway Map - Cycle Action Auckland

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One response to “Te Whau Pathway under way – now let’s keep track of progress!

  1. Bring it on! I particularly like the treatments at the local connection intersections with the name of the connected street. Only a few of these so far, looking forward to many more of these over the years to come.

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