Seeing the forest *and* the trees on Quay St

Seeing the forest *and* the trees on Quay StHaving ended 2017 with a story about cycleway opposition in Grey Lynn, we hoped to start the New Year with more positive news – and indeed, works finally began a couple of days ago on the next section of the Quay St cycleway. As you know, Tamaki Drive into the city is Auckland’s busiest bike route (which may make it New Zealand’s busiest?) – with 43,000 trips in November, and growing. But currently the 1000+ Aucklanders who bike along this route daily are forced to choose between braving the roadway (busy with port traffic, buses, and cars), or sharing the footpath with pedestrians. The existing Quay St cycleway – a two-way …
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This is what efficiency looks like 

This is what efficiency looks like One of the things we sometimes hear is ‘I think bike lanes are a good idea, but I’d feel better about them if I saw more people using them.’ We’ve heard a few variations on this theme during this election season, like: ‘We need to be pragmatic about cycleways. They have a place, but the rights of cyclists must be fairly balanced with the rights of those who do not use cycles.’ (That’s mayoral candidate John Palino). ‘We will use [data] to assess the efficacy of bus and cycle lanes throughout Auckland, ensuring we are not turning our roads into unproductive assets.’ (That’s mayoral candidate Vic Crone). Hey, we get it. You’re …
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A gray, sunny day – for lots of joy on Quay

A gray, sunny day - for lots of joy on QuayFriday marked the opening at last of the Quay Street Cycleway – another highly desired, long awaited, and very prominent piece in Auckland’s cycleway puzzle coming together. It was clear this route needed improvement even 8 years or so ago, when we raised the section particularly at the Ferry Terminal as a big problem. We were told by long-ago Auckland City Council staff that they’d rather leave on-road and on-footpath cycling arrangements ‘informal’ along this stretch. Obviously there were fears that pushing for a proper cycleway here could perhaps have led to a more aggressive ban on less confident people riding on the footpath. That issue – people riding on the footpath in what is …
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Quay Street’s gonna be okay

Quay Street's gonna be okayUPDATE: Consultation closes this Friday. Have your say ASAP to make sure our new hot pink pathway has a safe connection all the way to the red fence, the whole wide waterfront, and round the bays and beyond! Auckland Transport has finally started the public consultation on the Quay St interim cycleway! A new urban cycleway that, due to tight timeframes around the City Rail Link enabling works in the area, is intended to be constructed in the next couple of months! So we were somewhat worried when the October consultation date came and went. We had been shown the plans in advance, and were pretty happy. What was keeping things? We heard …
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Bike to the movies… and then bike AT the movies! Cycle-Powered Cinema comes to Auckland

Bike to the movies... and then bike AT the movies! Cycle-Powered Cinema comes to AucklandIt’s the time of year for open-air movies, and Silo Park Cinema is kicking off its season with a very special treat: the “world famous (in Christchurch)” Cycle Powered Cinema, on Saturday November 14th. Not only can you bike TO the movies, you can and indeed are encouraged to bike AT this movie! Where  Silo Park When   Saturday November 14th, 2015 – food & drink from 5.00, movie at 8.30 Most appropriately, the film you’ll be pedal-powering is a fabulous documentary about the power of art in public spaces: The Art of Recovery celebrates the creativity and community spirit bringing life back to the streets of post-quake Christchurch. It tells an uplifting story of …
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Join the Kidical Massive Ride! Saturday 19th September

Join the Kidical Massive Ride! Saturday 19th SeptemberAhoy junior riders, especially the piratical kind! Come and join the biggest family bike ride ever! On September 19, all over the world, families on bikes are taking to the streets to share the joy of wheels, in a one-off one-day event called Kidical Massive. Auckland will not only be a part of the fun – we’ll be first in the world to kick it off, with a pirate-themed waterfront bike ride and picnic, thanks to Bubs on Bikes and our mates at Panuku Development Auckland. What a great way to welcome spring! The global Kidical Massive event is brought to you by the Kidical Mass movement. Started in April 2008 in Eugene, Oregon, Kidical Mass encourages group rides “for kids, kids at heart, …
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Beach Rd stage 2 – official opening, 18 September 2015

Anyone riding or walking along Beach Road lately has been getting exciting glimpses of the progress on Stage II of the Beach Road separated cycleway… and it’ll officially open on Friday 18 September, with a small ceremony at 7.30 a.m. Swing by for a celebratory cuppa and a test-ride if you’re nearby or passing through!
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