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Nelson St cycleway, Phase 2 – consultation closes next Monday!

Consultation opens today on Phase 2 of the Nelson St cycleway. Phase 1 is of course NZTA’s spectacular bridge + flyover connection which loops down from Upper Queen St, along Canada St, onto […]

Kaipatiki Cycling Survey

Do you live in Kaipatiki?  Do you cycle (or are you considering cycling) through Kaipatiki?  Then we want to hear from you! How can we make Kaipatiki more cycle-friendly?  How can […]

Northern Corridor Improvements – what’s in it for bikes?

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) has come a long way. When Transit NZ (motorway builders) merged with the LTSA (Land Transport Safety Authority) to form the NZTA back in 2008, it was […]

Franklin, my dears: we do give a damn

We all share a love of bikes and the joy and freedom of riding around Auckland.  Cycle Action is about celebrating and evangalising this lifestyle, of course. But we’re also […]

Quaxing on Carlton Gore – bike lanes delivering customers already

I hate shopping so much that I would, if I could, contract out all my purchases to my style queen friends who are constantly refreshing their wardrobes and houses. However, […]

The Birkenhead Bike Park – what next?

You’ve got to raise an eyebrow at Auckland Transport every now and then.  For years we can be going on at them about a critical piece of cycling infrastructure being […]

With respect: some thoughts on sharing the road

Ponsonby business owner Bruce Copeland rides a bike, drives a car, occasionally catches the bus, and has been thinking about the way we treat each other on the road, after a […]

Northcote Safe Cycle Route Update – a pragmatic win

It’s a sad fact of life for engineers designing cycling infrastructure that the sacred cow of on-street parking frequently frustrates good design.  We see vociferous opposition from residents and businesses […]

An ode to mixing cycling with public transport

I’ve relied on my bike and public transport to get around Auckland without a car for about 6 years. Whizzing on my bike from my house on Mt Victoria to […]

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