SadThis is a hard blog post to write, because we had to realise that our last post was wrong – the big Auckland Council increase in walking & cycle funding was apparently just an accounting reshuffle, and in reality represents only a much smaller increase of several millions, rather than a doubling or tripling. The large-scale “extra funding” was apparently due to footpath renewals being included into the line item.

To say we are crushed would understate it – and we sincerely regret having misread this in our enthusiasm. We thought waiting for most of a week after the new budget got passed, and getting a confirmation of the increase via a Council source was enough, but it clearly wasn’t due-dilligent enough.

The proposed doubling or tripling of the cycle budget in the 2015-2018 Long Term Plan is still on the cards as we hear it – but we would understand if you are now a lot more cynical about the possibility. For us, it’s back to the uphill grind. Obviously, we have a lot more to do.

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13 responses to “A better cycling future? – Our apologies

  1. That really is too bad. It is perhaps a reflection of all the good work that you have been doing that it was plausible when you first reported it. Don’t despair!

  2. Hello
    I confirm that the $32m is made up of $19m in renewals/maintenance, and $13m capital projects. The $3m increase in capital projects from last year is made up of carry-overs, deferrals from uncompleted projects.
    Christopher Dempsey
    Waitemata Local Board.

    1. Thanks for the info, Christopher.
      It looks as tho’ cycling is not part of the Mayor’s, AC’s or AT’s recipe for their liveable city – ie begin with a paltry cycling budget and fail to spend it.

      Great for Council to bring Janette Sadik-Kahn to Auckland, but in the end someone needs to step up with political courage and commitment to follow her advice.

  3. Was great while it lasted, AC now however get the glory for not actually having done anything with the likes of TV3 publicising the (now nonexistent) increase.

    1. I like to think that the outpouring of happy they got might make them think of, you know, actually doing it – at least next year. But yeah. Deflated for now.

  4. If the council are now lumping walking and cycling together, then I shall do the same, and treat the footpaths as cycle lanes.

    1. They have been in the same funding category for a long while.

      And while it’s okay to ride on the footpath if the road is too unsafe, please be extra courteous to pedestrians! Thanks

      1. To clarify – the mistake in understanding this funding “increase” was not that walking & cycling was suddenly in the same category – they have been for a long time. However, footpath MAINTENANCE was previously separate to this combined budget.

      2. I don’t think that’s quite correct. However safe / unsafe the road is you can only cycle on a footpath if marked as a shared path. Recreational devices such as scooters with wheels below I think 355mm diameter are allowed and similarly do not require the rider to wear a crash helmet.

        The road laws in some areas are frankly a mess

        1. No, you are missing the point. I know it is not legal to ride on the footpath. However, I understand people who ride on the footpath – when we, as a country have been so negligent to treat them safely on the road, and provide safe cycleways. I don’t like it that they feel they have to ride on the footpath, but I will not condem it. Let the drivers cast the first stone from behind their crumple-zone protected steel cages!

  5. Wellingon council tripled its’ cycling budget, Christchurch set aside 70m to rebuild cyleways. Come on Auckland council we need to impove on the good work that has already startd. We need connected cycleways and we need it yesterday not in 40 years time!!.

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