Self-absorbed navel-gazing

Aug 13, 2013
Self-absorbed navel-gazing

Bike Auckland

CyclingWell, it looks like we are on the right track – over the last 12 months, this blog has strongly grown in readership. Exactly speaking, in the 12 months ending in July 2013, we had 44,342 visits, a 135% growth over the 18,898 of the 12 months before that. More than double!

The most-used category / drop down menu used is “maps / video” (mmmmh, we may have to spend a bit more time on that, it hasn’t gotten that much love recently!), while the most clicked-on recent articles were the Ponsonby Bike Corral (slight surprise, that one) and the Beach Road Cycleway (not such a surprise).

We hope to keep you all well-informed and enjoying the blog. And keep tuned in – in a few days we intend to run a survey asking about what you like/don’t like in the blog, to give us a better idea what works for you and what doesn’t.

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