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Easy fixes: Blocking off streets

One of the easy fixes that are around to improve the traffic environment for cycling is “filtered permeability”. This is where a road is made a thoroughfare for active modes […]

7 days of sunshine – share the joy!

The prospect of 7 days of sun is too good to pass-up without a blog, as this weather makes cycling extra joyous.    I really appreciated the calm, sunny crisp […]

Further update to- Govt adds new cycling money – a step change for New Zealand?

27th Aug – FURTHER UPDATE: We sincerely apologise to our readers and all those who knew better than our original blog as to the source of this funding. We need […]

Closing a bridge, opening new paths – Waterview

Some quick updates from the cycling side of the Waterview project… The main Waterview shared path – connecting SH20’s shared path in Owairaka in the south to the Northwestern Cycleway […]

Public Transport and cycling: A love story

  A new article from Copenhagenize explains an initiative from the EU called BiTiBi (Bike-Train-Bike). For me, the key quote from this article is: It is not realistic to expect […]

Taking the politics out of the Northcote Safe Cycle Route

With consultation on the Northcote Safe Cycle Route under way, in the media spotlight, and drawing comments on social media, you might be forgiven for thinking this is an “us […]

Youth steps up for cycling in Waitemata

On Monday, 28 July the new Youth Council was sworn in at the Council chambers. The representative for the Waitemata Local Board is Isabella Lenihan-Ikin. She gave a great speech to […]

Of Social Media, Politicians, Sacred Cows (and safe cycling)

I recently blogged on AT’s proposal for the Northcote Safe Cycle Route.  Apart from a connectivity issue at Onewa Rd which needs to be remedied, Cycle Action is strongly in favour […]

Starting to link up…

For many years, we’ve been repeating the “it needs to be a connected network” and “only as strong as the weakest part” lines in pretty much all our submissions. It’s […]

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