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Light Rail for the Isthmus… with room for bikes! A Bike AKL proposal

Updated: we’ve launched a petition to gather public support for bikeways on Dominion Road along with light rail. It’s the smartest way to protect the hundreds of people who already […]

Bike bright on winter nights – a seasonal visit from the Bike-Light Fairy

A friend of CAA, Zane, writes about an unlikely superhero hitting the streets as the winter nights draw in, determined to make sure those on bikes sparkle safely.  Daylight savings hit this week […]

Dominion Rd revamp – it seems everyone deserves transport choice, except cyclists

Update – in case you missed it, Transport Blog dealt with other aspects of this debacle, which has attracted outrage about the cycling aspects as well. Check it out. Today’s […]

Cycling and business

This article in the Guardian newspaper in the UK explains why US business leaders are jumping on board the cycling band wagon (or cargo bike). This is not because they […]

New Zealand’s First Cycle Boulevard

By Paul Shortland, Deputy Chair CAA Construction on New Zealand’s first cycle boulevard is due to commence this summer with completion due mid 2014. The concept and consultation phase of […]

Dominion Road – A Progression Of Disappointments

Guest blog by James S. As someone who lives in the wider Dominion Road area, I was asked by CAA if I wanted to do a guest post on the […]

The Dominion Road Decision

You may have heard of the decision to proceed with an $47 million upgrade of Dominion Road. What may not be obvious – especially when reading about how positively various […]

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