Photo of the week: Casual

Photo of the week: CasualCasual [noun]: 1. Dress or footwear for everyday, non-formal use. 2. A person who does something now and then. [adjective] 1. Relaxed and unbothered. 2. Informal in style. 2. By chance, as in an unplanned meeting. When you bump into the Mayor at a festival in the park, and he admires your basket bikes and summer frocks/ jumpsuits and is genuinely interested in ‘how you bike dressed like that’ … and then casually drops into the conversation that he’s loving using the Council’s fleet of electric bikes for zipping from meeting to meeting in town. If you have great images you’d like to propose for photo of the week, please contact us!
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Photo of the week: Play

Photo of the week: PlayPlay [verb]: the opposite of work. Shown: an electric “Red Pepper” Bullitt cargo bike, ridden by Shay with her two toddlers to the playground in Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier, over Waitangi weekend. If you have great images you’d like to propose for photo of the week, please contact us!
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Photo of the week: Space

Photo of the week: SpaceSpace [noun]: The final frontier; also, that which makes a city navigable for everyone, especially when explicitly designated and protected. [Quay St pictured. Photograph by ScottieT Photography Ltd. If you have great images you’d like to propose for photo of the week, please contact us!]
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Project Glow Wear – a contest for bright designers

Project Glow Wear – a contest for bright designersAfter dark, and especially in winter it’s so important to be visible on our bikes – and that means not just hi-vis, but reflective gear. But – can we be honest? – a lot of the reflective gear out there, while incredibly useful, is also pretty utilitarian. Can’t we be seen well AND look good? That’s the inspiration behind Project Glow Wear, a new design contest that reckons Reflective is the new Black. The idea is to combine creative talent and versatile new materials, so as to come up with things we’d actually love to wear – and then to get them into production, so we can! All the info you need is on the website and …
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No sweat – how to keep your cool when biking in the heat

No sweat - how to keep your cool when biking in the heat[REPOST] We all know biking is totally hot right now, and cyclists are total hotties in general. But there comes a time of year when this is a literal condition as well as a metaphorical one. For some reason, Aucklanders always want to know how to ride in the rain, and we’re happy to share the knowledge on that score (be prepared… to love it). But what to do when the damp conditions are a little more, uh, up close and personal? Read on… How do I avoid being sweaty after a bike ride? A lot of people thinking about commuting by bike ask this question, and let’s be fair, it can …
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How to go Friding – and a Friding challenge!

How to go Friding - and a Friding challenge!Friding is one of those ideas that strikes you with the force of a revelation: Riding. On a Friday. “The best day, the best way.” Couldn’t be simpler. It’s not formal, it’s not planned, it’s just giving people permission. Once a week, take your bike. And yet, as its inventors Nick McFarlane and Greg Wood say in a great article in today’s Herald, it’s extremely powerful too: “Our plan is to change the world one Friday at a time.” Greg gave us the downlow at the recent Pecha Kucha bike night, including this perfect image that captures the moment when the Sisyphus effect gives way to the snowball effect. And since today is the day before Friday, and …
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Lost in Paris… the best way, by bike

Lost in Paris... the best way, by bikeGetting lost in a strange big city is a great way to get under its skin. Getting lost on a bicycle in greater Paris turned out to be exhausting, but merveilleux! Kirsten Shouler reports on her recent adventures in the City of Light and Vélos:  Kim and I had been riding in the south of France, climbing a few mountains in the Alps and Pyrénées, and watching some Tour de France stages. We’d had day after day cycling in the baking heat, bathed in the summer aromas and tastes of rural villages, and welcoming the clear air and physical challenges of the big mountains. Now the Tour de France was done and …
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From granny bikes to gorgeous kit: meet Sophie Poelman

Sophie Poelman is a New Zealand born designer and cyclist who grew up on Waiheke Island, and recently launched a performance cycling apparel brand, The Rituel, on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter (get in quick, it finishes tonight!). Here’s her story: Six months ago, I moved back to Auckland from Europe, where I spent six years living in the cycle-heaven of Amsterdam and two years in the pedal-powered paradise of Italy. Amsterdam is where my love affair with cycling was ignited. My only form of transport for almost a decade was an Oma Fiets (Grandma bike) which was a trusty & rusty black Gazelle. It managed a couple of thousand k’s until the foot pedal brakes finally …
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Meet Carol Green – the brains behind ‘Bike Burbs’

Meet Carol Green - the brains behind 'Bike Burbs'Carol Green is a member of Bike Te Atatu and came up with the “Bike Burbs” concept for Open Streets 2015. She grew up in Cambridge in the UK, and now bikes around Auckland as if it were just as bike-friendly as that famous cycling city. We like her style!
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A Mother’s Day ramble, and a glimpse of the future

A Mother's Day ramble, and a glimpse of the futureThey say there are two kinds of people in the world: mothers, and their children. Frocks on Bikes will take any excuse for a social ride at a leisurely pace, and Mother’s Day provided the perfect excuse.  On Sunday morning, a lovely bunch of people – some of them mothers, all of them children, from Pt Chev and Meadowbank (onya, Lynne!) and Bayswater and beyond – gathered at Blend for a cup of tea and some bike chat… and bike browsing. The thing about a Frocks on Bikes ride is that it really puts the “hi!’ into “hi-viz”. There’s more than one way to be eye-catching to drivers. Plenty of us have anecdotal evidence of what’s …
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Keep Summer Rolling Along – Frocks on Bikes Ride, Sunday March 22

Keep Summer Rolling Along - Frocks on Bikes Ride, Sunday March 22Hey, gals! Keep summer rolling with a Frocks on Bikes ride this Sunday, March 22nd — a group cruise from Devonport all the way up to Milford for a ladies’ lunch at Little King Café. There’s a summery prize for the most seaside outfit! And BYO togs for optional swim. Here’s the plan: catch the 11 a.m. ferry to Devonport, then ride the Greenway over to Takapuna and Milford, picking loving Frockers from Devo, Taka, Bayswater and Milford along the way. Little King Café have kindly offered a free hot or cold drink with lunch. Pre-orders required so pick something you fancy from the menu here and RSVP by this Friday with your lunch order to Also, there …
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Rave on – tonight’s the night!

Rave on - tonight's the night!A quick reminder about tonight’s inaugural Bike Rave — a magical musical tour all the way to Wynyard Quarter with a final flourish along the shiny new Westhaven boardwalk. With over 200 people signed up already, it promises to be absolutely brilliant. So: light up your bike, put your dancing pants on, and meet at the Mission Bay Reserve by 9pm, tonight, Friday March 6th. What to expect? Here’s video and a gallery of fabulous photos from last year’s Bike Rave in Vancouver. On your bike, Aucklanders — we look forward to visual evidence of the way bikes illuminate our very own city!
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BeSpoke and Being Seen

A huge thank you to everyone who came down to BeSpoke the weekend before last and made the event such a success.  What a fantastic afternoon in the sun:  amazing NZ talent, fabulous displays from all the designers and market exhibitors.  Dalston & Starfish made winter 2013 look so good – it was like a shiver of ice block goodness on a hot day. And so great to see cycle style isn’t just limited to frocks as this years new designers proved:  KAF Kids, Kingdom Of, Sitka (check out their bike parking at their Newmarket store!), C-Unit, and 203H – Thank you! What I love about cycle chic is it …
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BeSpoke – Cycle Style in Silo Park

Sunday 10 March, 12-6pm, Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter Cycle Style was born in the streets, markets, and parks we love and ride everyday. So how better to celebrate it than with a full market of local designers and bicycles, fashion shows, street food, music and more in the heart of Auckland’s waterfront. We have an amazing range of fashion lines. And never fear, gentlemen – there is something for you too! Kids too! BeSpoke is a fabulous event for ALL Aucklanders and a great way to introduce friends to the fun of life on a bicycle. Cycle Action Auckland is excited to be sponsoring this event along side Frocks on …
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