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Let the cities smell of perfume instead of the smell of exhaust

Last Sunday in an early celebration of car free day (coming up this Friday 22 September), the Auckland Fancy Women Bike Ride took to the city streets of Tāmaki Makaurau […]

Photo of the week: Casual

Casual [noun]: 1. Dress or footwear for everyday, non-formal use. 2. A person who does something now and then. [adjective] 1. Relaxed and unbothered. 2. Informal in style. 2. By chance, as […]

Feb 15, 2017
Photo of the week: Play

Play [verb]: the opposite of work. Shown: an electric “Red Pepper” Bullitt cargo bike, ridden by Shay with her two toddlers to the playground in Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier, over Waitangi weekend. If you […]

Feb 04, 2017
Photo of the week: Green

Green [adjective]: fresh; the colour of spring growth; also, easy on the planet. Shown: Carlton Gore Road, as photographed by Steve King, via Instagram. If you have great images you’d like to propose for […]

Photo of the week: Space

Space [noun]: The final frontier; also, that which makes a city navigable for everyone, especially when explicitly designated and protected. [Quay St pictured. Photograph by ScottieT Photography Ltd. If you have great images you’d like to […]

Aug 02, 2016
Project Glow Wear – a contest for bright designers

After dark, and especially in winter it’s so important to be visible on our bikes – and that means not just hi-vis, but reflective gear. But – can we be honest? […]

Jul 16, 2016
No sweat – how to keep your cool when biking in the heat

[REPOST] We all know biking is totally hot right now, and cyclists are total hotties in general. But there comes a time of year when this is a literal condition […]

How to go Friding – and a Friding challenge!

Friding is one of those ideas that strikes you with the force of a revelation: Riding. On a Friday. “The best day, the best way.” Couldn’t be simpler. It’s not […]

Lost in Paris… the best way, by bike

Getting lost in a strange big city is a great way to get under its skin. Getting lost on a bicycle in greater Paris turned out to be exhausting, but […]

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