A time machine to bridge the gaps

Good Use Of Time…if we ever develop a time machine, it would be a good thing to go back to the 1960s, 70s and 80s, and make all those motorway enthusiasts put in more of the beautiful walking- and cycling bridges that NZTA is nowadays building on their new motorway projects.

[You could of course also go back and ask them to build fewer motorways, but that stance isn’t working even in the 2010s]

Because while you can remain very critical of the big spend-up on new motorways, at least there’s some real thought being put into reducing the severance effects – and the latest walking & cycling bridge we are about to get as a result is the sweeping arc of Hendon Bridge, connecting across the SH20 extension to Waterview.

It will cross the new motorway here, and join in with the SH20 shared path which will eventually (by about 2017…) connect to the Northwestern Cycleway.

Good Use Of WhiteConstruction is expected to be complete early next year, even though they’re beginning piling works only this week. Talk about speed!

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