A couple of years ago during the school holidays, we threw together a list of great places to ride with little kids – beyond the driveway, the neighbourhood park, and the local school courtyard. And every school holidays, like clockwork, that blog post leaps to life again!

Hope springs eternal… heaps of kids on bikes enjoy Western Springs Park. When will it be completely safe for them to ride TO the park?

We’ve just posted an updated list of great places to ride with little kids...and started a dedicated Facebook group for chatting about where to ride with kids in Auckland.

But would you believe that original list is our most popular blog post Of. All. Time?

That’s right. ‘Where to ride with children’ is bigger than ‘what’s up with Skypath’, more popular than ‘how to fix Tamaki Drive’, and more sought after than even ‘how to get to the pink path’.

What this tells us is that Aucklanders’ dearest wish is that their kids can experience the joy of riding a bike – safely, confidently, happily.

We love knowing this, because that’s our dearest wish, too. Going for a family bike ride is one of the most fun ways to get a bit of fresh air. And we reckon children deserve – and want – the ability to travel independently, to know their neighborhoods and own their streets.

Because, frankly, the data tells a sad story…

…but there’s hope. Together we can turn this picture around.

Because what you nurture, grows. What does your neighbourhood need to be better for kids on bikes? Slower traffic speeds? A protected cycleway on a main street? Safe, quiet greenways connecting parks, shops, and schools? All of the above?

Takapuna Grammar School’s bike racks. What would it take for your neighbourhood to enjoy a thriving bike-to-school culture?

These are all things we’re working for. We envision a future in which everyone who wants to ride a bike in Auckland, can, anywhere they want. To the dairy, to school, to work, to study, to a friend’s house, or just out to explore… It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

Knowing that you share our enthusiasm boosts our energy as the non-profit working for a more bike-friendly city for all Aucklanders.

So we warmly welcome your support for a more bikeable Auckland! Come along to our events, sign up to our newsletter, join us as a family member, speak up for better streets during consultations on new cycleways, – and just get out there and ride!

Grey Lynn kids, families, and friends speaking up for safer cycling in their hood. Those routes will begin construction within the year.

We’ll have more info on kids’ rides coming soon, thanks to our fabulous new volunteer Tracey-Lee – including a dedicated Facebook group and a searchable database of all kinds of rides.

Here’s that updated list again, of great places to ride in and around Auckland with little kids.

Note: our original focus was the under-10s and those who still love playgrounds (although, who doesn’t!), but please let us know what else you’re looking for. Feel free to add any suggestions or questions at the bottom of this post – or pop over and join the conversation on Facebook.

PS If your kid really, really, REALLY loves their bike, they may also love one of these

Children Family Rides
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3 responses to “You won’t believe our most popular blog post ever…

  1. Perfect timing! Look at the (relatively) empty streets in Auckland during this school holiday. If AT were serious about reducing traffic they only need to remove the school drop off traffic and we’d be sorted. So, AT, start by creating separated cycle paths to schools. Many of our major roads have restricted parking at certain hours. Have the balls to remove parking altogether on these roads and create separated cycle paths. Kids will use them, kids will get healthier, have more fun and our roads will have less traffic.

    1. I already have a candidate in mind for this treatment out west: Glenview, Sabulite and St Leonards Roads, which together extend from Glen Eden shops all the way to Archibald Street (and thus, Te Whau Pathway) – past about seven schools in total.

      These are wide roads with plenty of room for an on-street lane in either direction. Lots of homes and vehicle entrances but those could be acommodated without too much drama. And Glenview especially has a huge amount of space wasted on on-street parking which is barely ever used on the southern side (and the northern side mostly full of parked cards for sale).

      The challenge I guess would be acceptance from some fairly hard-nosed locals who are used to on-street parking on demand, and don’t seem very sympathetic to bikes if the way they drive is any indication. But we can dream…

      1. Brilliant. On street parking is a bit of a curse. Many of Auckland’s roads were not designed for parking. Look at some of the streets in Ponsonby, full of resident’s cars on both sides and barely enough room to get one lane traffic between them. While there are rules now for redevelopments providing for parking on site there are still too many cars using our roads for ‘car storage’. Its valuable public space and should be used more productively.

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