Westhaven Promenade 1
The new Westhaven promenade

As well as the exciting news that the Westhaven boardwalk promenade is now open, AT have also announced an interim cycle path to link North Wharf to the new boardwalk.

More information can found in this information sheet from AT  and you can download a PDF map of the interim cycle path by clicking here.

A couple of things to note:
  • This is an interim facility. The preferred long term solution is a separated facility but there are many hurdles to overcome.
  • Again on street parking was a big issue.
    • AT has gone to extraordinary lengths and some cost to ensure little or no loss of on street parking.
    • the long term solution is likely to impact parking on the east side of Beaumont significantly.
  • The facility will comprise mainly of a shared path with a buffer on Beaumont St.
  • Westhaven Promenade 2The carriage way is very tight at Sailors Corner (the intersection of Beaumont and Wwesthaven Dr). Currently towing vehicles frequently track across the center line to get around the corner. AT propose to narrow down this section further by 0.5m to create the shared path. Firstly AT will trial the feasibility of reducing the carriage way. If it deemed not feasible then the route may have a discontinuity (i.e. cyclists to dismount) until the long term solution is implemented (which removes the perpendicular parking). This would obviously be undesirable but I am willing to accept the results of the trial.

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5 responses to “Westhaven interim cycleway from North Wharf

  1. I don’t understand why the need to use the piece of Westhaven Drive past Sailors Corner. Take it along Fanshaw to Beaumont and then go down Beaumont. Makes almost no difference to distance or connections.

    1. In fact, it makes it far more useful as it would come out across the road (or on the same side) as Air NZ, a sizeable employer.

  2. The option you have described has been considered by AT. It would involve land acquisition to widen the narrow walkway next to the motorway and considerable reconfiguring of the Beaumont Fanshaw intersection.

    1. It opens the route up to a lot more people. And that slip lane from the motorway is diabolical. An 80kmh slip lane? Nuts!

      1. Agree with Bryce,
        The cycleway could go that way if they got rid of the silly pedestrian refuge beside the slip lane – they could move the slip lane to the right easily which would remove the need for the refuge as intersection now less wide.

        That would give plenty of space for the cycleway to run past where that slip lane was – in AC/AT owned land, as motorway ended before then.

        Also begs the question why Beaumont street has its own slip lane when the plan for this part of town is 70%/30% PT v private car usage so any slip lanes are going to be used by at best 30% of the traffic accessing Beaumont.

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