We Voted Bike – and won a strong tail wind!

Oct 20, 2017
We Voted Bike – and won a strong tail wind!

Bike Auckland

It’s official: the new government will be Labour-led with support from NZ First and backup from the Greens. And the policy overlaps of the coalition promise some big wins for a more bikeable Auckland, like…

  • renewing the Urban Cycleways Programme
  • investing in safe neighbourhood routes, especially to schools. (This was already Green Party policy; Bike Auckland actively encouraged Labour to embrace the idea as well, and we’re very glad they did!)
  • adopting a Vision Zero approach to road safety, which puts people first
  • support and dedicated funding for Skypath!

It’s no coincidence that these are exactly the issues you helped us highlight via our VoteBike campaign in the run-up to the election, by asking candidates and parties to focus on the Cycling Action Network’s three key priorities for the next government.

The biggest win of all: it’s now matter-of-fact for every major party to support the vision of more people on bikes. Take a look back at how the parties stacked up – and feel good about the result.

THANK YOU for helping us put people on bikes in the picture. Together, we really made our voices count!

While we wait for details of ministerial appointments and how the new government will proceed, we’d like to warmly acknowledge the work of the outgoing National government. They kick-started major investment and have enthusiastically championed the results.

And those results are tangible. All of the 2015-2018 Urban Cycleways projects are either completed or currently under way. That’s a fantastic head start: 300km of safe cycleways New Zealand cities didn’t have before!

Now we can look forward to even greater momentum with the political wind at our back. It’s exciting to think about how our work will thrive with a shift in the wider context. A holistic vision for transport and road safety. A proactive approach to public health. Meaningful action on climate change, as we move towards a carbon-neutral economy.

But above all, it’s the simple things that bring us together: bike-friendly cities mean fun and freedom for all ages. In the years to come, a more bikeable Auckland will free us all up, and let us travel easily, safely and enjoyably around neighbourhoods that are healthy, friendly, attractive, great places to live.

The results are in. Our mission continues. Let’s do this!

Mangere East Primary School kids brushing up their bike skills (Image: Teau Aiturau)

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