Labour’s cycling policy a welcome leap forward

Aug 25, 2017
Labour’s cycling policy a welcome leap forward

Bike Auckland

Media release: 1.00pm, Friday 25 August 2017

Bike Auckland welcomes Labour’s policy announcement today, confirming ongoing commitment to the Urban Cycleways Fund, a new fund for active neighbourhoods, and a promise to fund Skypath.

‘We’re delighted Labour will roll over the Urban Cycleways Fund. It’s been the most powerful boost for biking ever seen in Auckland, creating a 44% increase in cycling into the central city from the western suburbs alone, and 45,600 new bikers across the city in the past year,’* says Barb Cuthbert, Chair of Bike Auckland. ‘The numbers just continue to grow as the safe network expands.’

‘The Fund is helping to transform transport choice in Auckland. Another three years of investment is vital to maintain the amazing momentum and public excitement we’re seeing and hearing about our newly accessible city.’

Bike Auckland welcomes the new Active Neighbourhoods fund, as an inspired and natural next step. While new safe commuter paths attract people to ride to and across town, local links are just as important – especially for children. ‘Safe, bikeable neighbourhoods give kids freedom to explore and connect with friends, and allow everyone the choice to walk, ride or scoot to schools, shops and train stations,’ says Barbara Cuthbert.

The new fund shows an awareness that children and their families have to live for years with the transport choices made today, and deserve better, safer ways to get around right now. It stands as a timely reminder that Auckland’s transport conversation is not just about congestion-busting – it’s also about livelier streets, fresh air, healthier and more connected communities, and the freedom and pleasure to be had from walking and biking.

Labour’s promise to fund Skypath across Auckland’s Harbour Bridge is particularly welcomed, as it’s a vital strategic connection for the city. ‘Everyone agrees it’s Auckland’s missing link and that we need to get on and build it. If we start now, it’ll be ready for the America’s Cup events, when Auckland is flooded with visitors,’ says Barbara Cuthbert.  ‘Skypath will quickly become an iconic feature of our glorious harbour; frankly we’ll wonder how we ever lived without it.’

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Barb Cuthbert, Chair and Spokesperson

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*Figures from Auckland Transport’s Cycling Account 2017 

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