The NZ General Election is 23 September 2017

Find out where cycling fits into each party’s vision

so you can VOTE BIKE!



We asked the transport spokespeople for each political party about three key topics:

how can we get more kids on bikes?

how will you fund more urban cycleways?

and how shall we make our streets safer for everyone?

We also asked about our city’s crucial missing link for walking and cycling across the Harbour Bridge:

how can we get SkyPath built as soon as possible?

Click on the topics below to find out where the parties stand on each question…

…or click here to see our overview of how the full policy packages compare.


We also asked Auckland candidates about the same topics – plus a bonus question about where they like to ride.

Type your address in the box to find your electorate,

or simply click on the name of the electorate you’re interested in, below.

Note: not all candidates have responded yet – so we’ve provided a way for you to encourage them to reply!




Vote Bike is a Bike Auckland initiative for the 2017 General Election. Authorised by Barbara Cuthbert of 2A St Aubyn St, Devonport, Auckland 0624, on behalf of Bike Auckland, of 2A St Aubyn St Devonport Auckland 0624.