duct-tape-intersection_jpg_662x0_q100_crop-scaleThis article describes how an intersection can be transformed using nothing more than duct tape.

So where did this happen? Some crazy hippy commune like Portland or Vancouver? Nope:

It was part of a Better Block project in Dallas where an unused street was turned into a great temporary pedestrian plaza with all kinds of great activities for people of all ages.

That’s right, Texas. Where everything is bigger and everyone drives everywhere. I would be much happier to ride on that street than a big traffic sewer arterial or let children cross the street there.

Let’s just try these kinds of things in Auckland. The article says this cost about US$2,000 to put in place. We don’t need intensive studies or expensive consultant reports.

Just like the bollard game and analysis of sneckdowns, why not let real life conditions decide whether something is safe and works?

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