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Tāmaki Drive – celebrating more than driving

Tāmaki Drive and the shoreline that it follows is a lot of things for many people.  A glorious view over the bays and to Rangitoto. A route to work or […]

Apr 14, 2022
Ponsonby, Revisited

A guest post by Anna Bracewell-Worrall, News Director at 95bFM. There’s a particular spot on Ponsonby Road that I always look at. It’s right outside Ponsonby Central: it’s the place […]

Sep 14, 2015
With respect: some thoughts on sharing the road

Ponsonby business owner Bruce Copeland rides a bike, drives a car, occasionally catches the bus, and has been thinking about the way we treat each other on the road, after a […]

A steamy story about truck drivers and cyclists…

When people on bikes share the road with heavy vehicles, the stakes are high. So much depends on everyone being a little nicer to each other, which starts with simply […]

St Lukes intersection – navigating the current situation

A number of you have reported various difficulties moving through the St Lukes/ Great North Road area while the big intersection redesign is happening (including that unfortunate Not Very Good […]

Mayhem marks start of Easter Break – St Lukes Rd /SH16 cycleway debacle

Part 1 – What the hell was going on last night at St Lukes Rd/SH 16? For the past week the Transport Agency has been conscientiously sending us updates warning of major […]

Getting better, the further you go… Carlton Gore Road

One of the more hopeful trends in Auckland’s “three step forwards, two steps back” cycling world is that things do get better. You can often tell the quality of a […]

Major hazards at St Lukes Rd/ SH16 crossing – is help at hand?

I biked back into town along the NW Cycleway last week after checking out the new Ranui Library. I was on a high for quite a bit of the bike […]

Integrated vs Segregated: Come to the Dark Side

Blog by Ben, a CAA member It seems not many people are aware in NZ of the great debate that has raged on and off in the cycling community between […]

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