The Big Bike Film Night

The Big Bike Film NightPrepare to be inspired! The Big Bike Film Night is on a mission sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with you. Our 2019 collection showcases everything a cycling-centric audience could want: action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration; the evening is going to be unashamedly, unequivocally, and utterly bike-alicious! Our treasure chest of stories includes… a spectacle of winter with the icy playground providing a visual journey as never seen before by bike; a fixie rider who commits a crime of passion; five friends with disabilities attempting a world-first human-powered ride from Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre 2150km to Mount Kosciuszko in Australia (what could possibly go wrong?); …

Breakfast Conversation Session: Cycling & Auckland Issues – Thur 7 Feb

Please join us for this year’s first session at the Art Gallery Cafe! Good conversation on the big issues for Auckland cycling, transport and city design. It’s informal and all welcome… No need to RSVP….just drop in whenever suits. See you there!. from 7.30am onwards Thursday 7th February Art Gallery Cafe, Level 1 (enter from cafe terrace off Albert Park) Monthly breakfast get togethers are a great way to hear and dicsuss the latest urban cycling news over the great coffee at the gorgeous Art Gallery Cafe. This month’s graphic reminds us that the Auckland Skypath, the private proposal for a walking and cycling path over the Auckland Harbour Bridge, will be …
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In brief: Onehunga Foreshore Work Started

In case you missed it (we did!) – work has now started on the reclamation of the western Onehunga Foreshore, cut off decades ago by the SH20 motorway. New headlands, beaches and paths are coming, paid for jointly by Auckland Council and NZTA. It’s great to hear that the appeals that temporarily stopped the project have now been resolved, and that locals and visitors will, in a mere 2 years, have a much better, much more publicly useable shoreline again. It may take some time longer to get it clean enough to swim in the water at all times (like much of Auckland’s beaches, outfall into the area remains a …
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Where are the priorities? That taxi trial – again!

I was rung on Thursday by AT’s Road Corridor Operations Manager inviting me to meet in the new year as consultation for a paper he will be preparing for the AT Board on the contentious “taxis in bus lanes” trial idea raised by Nikki Kaye and supported by the Chief Operating Officer at Auckland Transport a month ago. When we first heard about this, I asked Auckland Transport why the trial was important, what was its priority (compared with current programmes and workstreams that have been publicly debated and approved), and what was the anticipated cost of the road markings, new signs and monitoring needed for the trial? I was …
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Auckland Transport’s Business [to] Report: November

TL:DR: Waterview Cycleway delayed. Cycle count numbers in October behaving oddly. As every month, we had a look at the business report of Auckland Transport to review any items of interest for cycling. Where possible, we will also provide additional context from our own discussions with Auckland Transport. Note that where the below is italicised, we have copied the text from Auckland Transport’s report directly, without changing it. Where news is of particular importance, we have bolded the item.
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Breakfast Conversation Session: Cycling & Auckland Issues – Thur 6 Dec

It’s been a great year for breakfast sessions – it’s wonderful to welcome new faces every month along with growing number of regulars. Please join us for this year’s final session at the Art Gallery Cafe to talk about cycling, transport and city issues and catch up with friends and colleagues. All welcome… No need to RSVP… just drop in whenever suits. See you there! from 7.30am onwards Thursday 6th December Art Gallery Cafe, Level 1  (entrance from the cafe terrace off Albert Park)   Happy Holidays! No breakfast in January – next date will be Thursday 7th February 2013 . By the way: The photo is of Community Constable Kevin Reynolds, …
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Albany Highway proceeding with Copenhagen Cycle Lanes

The design and land purchases for Auckland’s first “Copenhagen Cycle Lane” project are being completed at the moment, and construction is intended to start mid-2013. This project will be a massive step change for cycling in Auckland, as Auckland Transport and designer GHD are really pushing NZ boundaries with their design. Combining the safety benefits of both cycle lanes and off-road paths, this project puts a cycle-only, one-way cycle path on top of the kerb in each direction, allowing cyclists to proceed at pace or at leisure. At each intersection, cyclists will be offered the choice of either crossing with the cars (returning to standard cycle lanes for a short …
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