Northwestern – New Path Details between Te Atatu / Point Chev

Shared Path Near RosebankFor those riding on the Northwestern Cycleway between Te Atatu and Point Chev, we have excerpted some cycleway-relevant info from a recent stakeholder meeting summary for the SH16 motorway works (which we attended in person as well, of course):

Will a noise reduction fence be provided between the shared path and the motorway?

A noise wall will be provided adjacent to the shared path along part of the length between the Great North Road Interchange and the Causeway Bridge, but not for the rest of the alignment. This is due to the vehicles in traffic lanes providing passive surveillance of the shared path as security. The swale drain adjacent to the shared path and the bus lane will provide further separation between the shared path users and the general traffic lanes. A 1.4m high general fence will be provided between the shared path and the motorway.

The cycleway in the vicinity of Alwyn Avenue is very narrow and below the relevant standards. Will this be widened and the sightlines improved as part of the Project?

Yes, the shared path will be upgraded along the entire alignment. The new nominal width will be 4m from Great North Road through to Te Atatu – this will include a 3m sealed shared path and a 0.5m shoulder on either side. The path will be 3m wide on the bridges (ie: no shoulders provided on bridges).

Will the timber boardwalk section of the cycleway near the Rosebank offramp be upgraded?

Yes, the timber structure will be rebuilt and will be wider than the existing structure, including balustrades and an upgraded surface [Editor’s note: CAA asked for this to be a focus in earlier discussions].

Is there an opportunity to provide a drinking fountain at the viewing platforms? [Editor’s note: CAA asked this question – it would be neat if riders that need to top up can get something to drink here at one of the several viewing platforms that will be built next to the cycleway].

The Alliance will consider this suggestion.

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