Let’s make cycling signs VISIBLE

Nov 08, 2013
Let’s make cycling signs VISIBLE


What SignWe’re about to sit down with AT to discuss how to improve way-finding signs for iconic cycle routes like the North Western and others that are presently hidden away due to poorly designed or non-existent signage.

Hooray for a recent FB message from one of our readers, lamenting the lousy signs on the NW Cycleway – you’ve given us the nudge we needed to get back onto this task.

We all know our existing cycling infrastructure is a rare and precious commodity, so it’s vital we can at least find it easily without getting lost.

Cycling signs are  a legacy issue,  predating the new Council. Auckland’s previous 7 Council’s didn’t rate cycling highly, so it’s no surprise that signs were poor and mostly non-existent. Typical of this is the sign to the right. It’s on the Devonport – Takapuna Green route, and was lobbied for by Cycle Action, Living Streets Aotearoa and the former North Shore Council’s cycling champion. We diligently investigated where the signs should be sited and obtained funds from the local Community Boards. Our efforts were stymied by North Shore’s dumb policy requiring the signs were in the Council’s ‘corporate’ colours. The urban designers dealt a further blow by reducing the size to a ‘tasteful’ standard. I was stunned when the signs were finally erected; they failed to identify the name of the route, were hopelessly small and recessive in colour.

To top it off for this particular sign, the local school later erected a sign in front for its monitored pedestrian crossing. It totally upstaged our well-intentioned but sabotaged effort.

It would be good if this AT project could include erecting signs on ‘no exit’ streets for cars, which are through-routes for walking and cycling. I’m sure you’ll have other suggestions. In the first instance you’re welcome to give us links for good cycling signs from in NZ or elsewhere!

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