Henderson in Line for Better Biking – Add Your Voice!

Henderson in Line for Better Biking – Add Your Voice!

Mary-Margaret Slack

Who doesn’t love biking around Henderson trails, ‘specially the Twin Streams and links to the North Western Cycleway?

Biking beyond these routes is pretty tragic, with only a few on-road cycle lanes, not connected to where you want to go.  

AT says it wants to change that, and is asking us all what’s needed. The goal is to design for all ages and abilities, and to agree on the network now, so it can be built as funds become available. 

It sounds great, although we need to be cautious about delivery promised for the far-yonder. (To be fair, they say the earliest start would be 2024.) 

Matt Lowrie’s Greater Auckland blog covers most of the bases for the project. He lives in the area, and his blog is worth reading.

What’s AT offering us in this consultation?

The network is summarized here:

AT’s proposed Henderson cycle network.

The standout to us is it’s a really great start. If we got all this tomorrow, we’d be over the moon. So if you’re in a frantic hurry to fill in your submission, you wouldn’t be wrong to say – Great, bring it on.”

Additions to the Network map

If you have a couple more minutes, we’re hoping you’ll mention these additions in your submission:   

  • Let’s not waste what we have – existing cycle links

We’ve got some incomplete but really useful cycle links that need to be integrated into the network. Some existing cycle lanes are shown on AT’s map, but Central Park Drive Shared Path, Te Pai Place Shared Path, Pomaria Rd Cycle Lanes, and Railside Ave cycle lanes are all missing. This doesn’t help us visualise things properly. Why not extend the Central Park Shared Path beyond the Waikūmete Stream to connect to Edmonton Road? Why not show the Te Pai Place Shared Path, Pomaria Rd Cycle Lanes and the Railside Ave Cycle Lanes?

  • Rathgar Road

Matt Lowrie says in his blog that Rathgar Rd is crying out to be included in the network because it serves three schools and is a good link to the Sturges Rd train station.

Map from Greater Auckland’s blog.

We agree, and said this when we responded to consultation back in 2018. AT even planned an upgrade in 2011 but it somehow slipped off their radar. Let’s ask for it now. 

  • Te Atatū Road to Edmonton Rd and Gt North Rd

AT have proposed a vital link along Edmonton Road which will connect to “existing facilities” along Te Atatū Road. Unfortunately, these facilities are woefully inadequate. On one side there is nothing more than paint to keep vulnerable road users safe, while the other feature is a shared path that rides more like a pump-track. As this route will become the obvious choice for all cyclists travelling towards the Northwestern Path and on to the city from Henderson and the extended network of new paths, Te Atatū Road needs to be prioritised for safe, inclusive infrastructure.

It shouldn’t stop there either. One of the downsides of the current route map is the radial “all roads lead to Henderson” design… This misses out on vital connections between routes and communities which would unlock the area’s true cycling potential. AT should include all of Te Atatū Road South, from the Northwestern Path to Great North Road, in long term plans for cycling in the area – linking up Glendene and the Great North Road corridor.

  • Universal Drive 

This is an extra wide major arterial route with a central planted median, it must cater for east-west cycling by having safer cycling connecting Lincoln Rd to Don Buck Rd. We’re asking for it to be added to the network. 

  • Sel Peacock Drive 

We’re keen for the new network to reflect work that Panuku is planning around Henderson, and is shown on AT’s plan. Sel Peacock Drive would be an easy upgrade for cycling because it has almost no on street parking, and will integrate well with Panuku’s cycle friendly improvements. Let’s ask for it to be added to the new network.

Submissions close on January 31st – use our quick submit guide below to help you have your say!


1. What do you like about the proposed network?

• It’s a really great start. It mostly takes people where we know they need to go.

2. What don’t you like about the proposed network?

• The map doesn’t show all existing cycle lanes, some of which are really useful and must be integrated into the network.

• This hub and spoke model fails to connect areas in the way that a cobweb model would.

• Rathgar Rd, Universal Drive, Sel Peacock Drive and Te Atatū Road to Edmonton Rd and Gt North Rd should also be added to the network.

3. Which cycling route/s in the proposed network do you think should be completed first?

• Lincoln Rd, Edmonton Rd and Te Atatu Road must be completed first as they would provide essential connections to the brilliant Northwestern Cycleway.

• Rathgar Rd should come second as it serves three schools, and connects to the Sturges Rd train station

4. Do the proposed routes in the network connect you to where you need to go?

• Your choice.

5. Please provide more details.

• Your choice.

6. Do you use a bike to get around?

• Your choice.

7. If yes, how frequently?

• Your choice.

8. Where do you cycle to and from?

• Your choice.

9. Which, if any, of the proposed cycle routes would you use?

• Your choice.

10. Personal Information

• Your choice.

11. Is your feedback on behalf of an organisation or business?

• Your choice.

12. What best describes your interest in this proposal? (Please tick all that apply)

• Your choice.

13. How did you hear about this project? (Please tick all that apply)

• Your choice.

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