Looking north onto SkyPath.
Looking north along the bridge and SkyPath.

SkyPath, the project to add a walk & cycleway to the Auckland Harbour Bridge, has come enormously far in the last couple years – even if much of that work, after the big protest in 2009, was “behind closed doors”. Convincing decisionmakers that it was required. Convincing authorities that it was feasible. Convincing a funder that it was a worthy investment.

The path slung underneath the clip-on.
The path slung underneath the clip-on.

Now, the last big step has gone public – getting resource consent. Last Friday, SkyPath was publicly notified, giving all of Auckland the chance to have their say about this game-changing project, which will both be a crucial link for our city’s sustainable transport and an iconic feature that you will take your friends and relatives on when they come to visit you in Auckland.

Inside SkyPath, looking over the City and the Waitemata.
Inside SkyPath, looking over the City and the Waitemata.

SkyPath. Created by a team of people around the indefatigable Bevan Woodward, who simply didn’t stop. Even when told a thousand times “No”, and a thousand times “It can’t be done”.

It can be done. In a hearing around March 2015, it will be discussed how. And all things going well, at the end there will be an official stamp of approval.

But to get over that last big hurdle, they could use some support. We want you to submit – explain why you want it, why you think we need it. Whether you only want your written submission* read by the commissioners – or whether you want to speak at the hearing.

Give SkyPath and Auckland a present this December / January. Submit on it.

*The application on Council’s website is pretty meaty. Lots and lots of documents – this 1.5km long project has been studied more than some motorway projects.

So don’t be intimidated if writing a submission on your own seems daunting (Council form & Council guideline on making submissions). In the coming weeks we and other groups like GenZero will be running information on how to submit, and what aspects you could submit on. Submissions close 23 January.


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