Filling the Gap for the NZ Cycle Trail in Auckland

Visitors arriving at Auckland Airport have been asking us to advise them on the best route to the centre of Auckland. Cycle Action wanna-be movie producers are responding by filming Airport to CBD route ideas for cycle tourists to find on youtube. We will show them how to navigate into and  through Auckland, and key intersections along the way.

Cycle Action has proposed route ideas for a NZ Cycle Trail expansion route – this video will fill a gap while Auckland Transport puts its draft application through the various Local Boards and Auckland Transport Board for their approval, and then to the Ministry of Ecomomic Development in Wellington.

We all want the benefit of local knowledge when we arrive in a new place: where’s the best coffee and food- where to shop for basic supplies- the closest bike shop….Hidden gems that only locals know about, like the Onehunga Library and Post Office cafes and Domain on Ayr in Parnell, the views from Mangere Mountain, One Tree Hill, the working farms in Ambury and Cornwall Parks, sunrise from the Museum and reaching the heart of the city with a ride along the waterfront.

This will be a quick snapshot  with the fun, relaxed tone guaranteed by our handpicked stars (who are busy arguing over choice of costume and which cafes to be filmed lunching in!!) Megan Blank – Cycle Auckland and Murray Vaile, NZ Road Cyclist contributor, Good Bunch coordinator and much more!

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