Damage to Great North Road shared path in Waterview

Jun 12, 2014
Damage to Great North Road shared path in Waterview


Damaged pathHi cyclists – the stormy weather two days ago did a lot of damage. Riding on the Northwestern I saw some pretty big trees that had been felled by the gusts, some coming pretty close to houses.

Sadly, on Great North Road, near the NW Cycleway, north of the petrol station in Waterview, some of those trees have damaged the cantilevered path on the east side at Oakley Creek.

It’s not yet certain how long it will take to fix this – because of the works on the Waterview Tunnel have removed the footpath on the other side for several years, no easy detours are possible at the moment. AT are looking into what they will do & how long it will take. Until then, the path remains open – but is narrower than before. So please slow down, and take care – other cyclists and pedestrians are likely to be about, seeing that this is the only route between Waterview and Pt Chevalier at the moment!

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