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Zane rides the Timber Trail – Part 2 of 2

We left Zane in the middle of a suspension bridge, just about halfway through the magnificent Timber Trail. Rejoin the story as he heads downhill all the way home…  After an […]

Zane rides the Timber Trail – Part 1 of 2

We’ve written about the fabulous Timber Trail before, one of the most spectacular stretches of the NZ Cycle Trail (and home to the longest bike trail suspension bridge in the country). So we couldn’t resist […]

Quaxing on Carlton Gore – bike lanes delivering customers already

I hate shopping so much that I would, if I could, contract out all my purchases to my style queen friends who are constantly refreshing their wardrobes and houses. However, […]

Common cause – we’re all in it together

With increasing improvements for people on bikes, we sometimes hear concerns pedestrians might be getting a raw deal. These often fall into the category of “Cyclists are getting better treatment than […]

UCF projects: Waterview Shared Path PLUS

In this short series, we discuss [not necessarily in order of importance] the various Auckland cycle projects that have achieved funding from the Urban Cycleway Fund, and thus are likely […]

Restoring the Onehunga Harbour foreshore – a progress report

As the likely effects of the proposed East-West Link sink in, here comes some happier news from a project along the other Onehunga shore. The Onehunga Foreshore Restoration Project has been busy reconnecting the […]

Hinaki Eel Trap Bridge blessing ceremony – a report from Puketapapa

Cycle Action’s Richard Barter went along to the dawn blessing ceremony for the spectacular new Hinaki Eel Trap Bridge in Mt Roskill’s War Memorial Park, on Friday 5 June. Here’s his report:  I […]

Waterways for cycling – a Brisbane treat to add to Auckland’s shopping basket

Like many Kiwi families, we’ve had one of our kids lured by the flash salaries and job opportunities of Australia. We’re lucky our son is on the east coast, so […]

Northcote Safe Cycle Route Update – a pragmatic win

It’s a sad fact of life for engineers designing cycling infrastructure that the sacred cow of on-street parking frequently frustrates good design.  We see vociferous opposition from residents and businesses […]

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