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Kaipatiki Cycling Survey

Do you live in Kaipatiki?  Do you cycle (or are you considering cycling) through Kaipatiki?  Then we want to hear from you! How can we make Kaipatiki more cycle-friendly?  How can […]

Sometimes it’s the small things that count…

Duncan Laidlaw takes stock of some small but sweet changes at his local shops: One recent Saturday, I found myself at a loose end wandering Birkenhead Village  – okay, I found myself […]

The Birkenhead Bike Park – what next?

You’ve got to raise an eyebrow at Auckland Transport every now and then.  For years we can be going on at them about a critical piece of cycling infrastructure being […]

Step up, University of Auckland – secure bike storage needed now!

We’re seeing activism for bikes all over Auckland, and we’re loving it. Sadly the genesis of this story comes from a troubled place. Bike theft at the University of Auckland […]

May 19, 2015
An ode to mixing cycling with public transport

I’ve relied on my bike and public transport to get around Auckland without a car for about 6 years. Whizzing on my bike from my house on Mt Victoria to […]

5 days decides our fate!

How’s this for commitment? All this week at dawn AT staff will be waiting for you to turn up with your bike at Queens Wharf to trial and vote for […]

Auckland’s Next Top Bike Rack: Visit and Vote!

Cycle commuters: you know you’ve really arrived when there isn’t anywhere to park your bike. And nowhere more so than at the Downtown Ferry Terminal! Which is why Auckland Transport has […]

Bikes love local businesses – time for more vice-versa?

Of all the arguments in favour of encouraging city cycling, perhaps the hardest for some people to swallow is that bikes are good for business. Why? Because many business owners […]

The Bicycle: The amazing space saving device

Riding a bike isn’t just: a fun way to travel healthy giving independence and freedom back to children good for the environment a great way to connect with public transport […]

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