Bikes for Life – Rally for a Safer Cycling City

Cycle Action Auckland announces Bikes for Life: a public rally for action to improve cycling safety in Auckland –  11am this Sunday, 5 December, on Queens Wharf, Auckland.

“Cycle riding benefits health, air quality, carbon emissions, the economy, traffic congestion and happiness. It is an important transport choice that enhances our cities and lives. Despite this, the recent spate of deaths and rising levels of cycling injuries in Auckland shows how hostile our roads can be to people on bicycles.” says Barbara Cuthbert, Spokesperson for Cycle Action Auckland.

“Voters in Auckland’s Supercity elections last month gave overwhelming support to policies for a liveable city – lively public spaces, better public transport, and safer, easier walking and cycling. The new Council and Auckland Transport have been quick to address cycling safety– but the lack of central government funding is a serious obstacle.”

“New cycle lanes and cycling education programmes depend on subsidies from the national transport budget. Despite rising levels of cycling injuries and the popularity of cycling, less than 1% of the transport budget is allocated to walking and cycling. This is pathetically small compared with public demand for cycling. 30% of Kiwis own cycles and there was a 27% increase in cycling in ARTA’s official cycle count in March this year.”

“Traffic congestion and lack of cycling investment are impacting on cycle safety. The lack of space for bikes on many city and rural roads is creating aggression and conflict between road users. Cycling deaths, injuries and  aggression will keep escalating unless central and local government give lack of safety and poor road behaviour the priority they deserve.”

“Tamaki Drive is indicative of the hazards faced by people who cycle. CAA applauds the prompt action taken by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport. We also need urgent collaboration on national action.

We call on the government to allocate more funds for:

1.       Connected cycle lanes in cities and shoulders on key rural roads.

2.       On-road cycle training in schools and for adults who want to cycle for transport.

3.       A new, fresh public education programme for those who have never ridden a bicycle.

The Bikes for Life rally will be held on Auckland’s newest ‘people place’ Queens Wharf, this Sunday 5 December from 11am – noon. Cycle Action invites everyone who wants their family and friends who cycle to be safe, those who would cycle if it was safer and easier, and those who have ever ridden a bicycle, to come.”

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