Earlier in the year, Auckland Transport asked for feedback on cycling in and through the inner west suburbs, from Pt Chev to the city. That feedback (865 submissions!) has now been compiled and analysed, and the result is a refreshed plan. There are major cycling improvements on the way over the next few years, and others to follow.

You can read more about the detailed public feedback in the consultation report – AT has created a couple of maps that give an overview of the volume and location of people’s thoughts about routes and obstacles. (Click for PDFs: 1, 2)



And here’s the revised network map, as a response to that feedback (click here for PDF version):


The red routes are those that can be investigated and built by the end of 2018 (or are already under way: Franklin Rd, for example, is about to break ground). And the blue routes are pegged for investigation and construction from 2019 and beyond.

Here’s what’s on the immediate horizon (with our notes in italics):

  • Pt Chevalier to Herne Bay (from the intersection of Great North Road and Pt Chevalier Road, onto Meola Road, up Garnet Road, onto West End Road to the roundabout with Jervois Road). This will be a major alternative route to town, possibly drawing some bike traffic from the NW cycleway as well as opening up a whole new population within easy access of safe bike routes. We’re interested to see how Meola Rd is treated, as it’s quite a challenging section at the moment.
  • Garnet Road, Old Mill Road and Surrey Crescent. A major ridge connection between Westmere and Grey Lynn that largely avoids the dips and valleys, and links residents to shops and schools.
  • Great North Road (from Surrey Crescent to Ponsonby Road). Hallelujah!
  • Hopetoun Street. Bonus – see below.
  • Franklin Road. Pretty pleased about how this one turned out. 
  • Herne Bay to Westhaven. Already a popular ‘quiet route’ used by many a rider. And of course a future feeder route to SkyPath. 
  • Richmond Road (from Surrey Crescent to Mokau Street). This makes sense, as it passes local shops and helps link to Grey Lynn School.
  • Grey Lynn Greenways route (from West End Road to Williamson Avenue through Cox’s Bay Park, Bayfield Park, Hukanui Reserve and Grey Lynn Park). Already in the process of great improvements, with widened paths through parks, thanks to the Waitemata Local Board.

This is all pretty exciting! Good to see also that AT promises to ‘dig once’ where possible – a great idea, given that maintenance works are occurring throughout the area. (Hopetoun between Ponsonby Rd and Pitt St will be getting an upgrade for bikes that ties in with some planned maintenance work, for example).

By the time it’s all built, says AT, over 17,000 households will be within 5 minutes of a cycle route. And given the density of schools and shops inside this area, this – combined with some slower speed treatments – is bound to make local bike trips a more meaningful option. (Not to mention biking to sports, the beach, parks, the zoo, etc).

As noted in the consultation report, although Ponsonby Road was one of the major routes people wanted to ride more safely on, it’s not on the immediate horizon as it ‘needs to be considered more holistically’.

Of course we’d love a magic wand and instant bike lanes there – but the holistic approach worked well on Franklin Rd to produce a solution. And by the time Ponsonby Road’s turn eventually comes, nearby bike-friendly boulevards like Franklin Rd, Great North Road, and Karangahape Road will be providing a shining example of how many more shoppers arrive by bus, foot, and bike than by cars – and the way prioritizing human experience over vehicle throughput can truly bring a street to life.

Keep an eye on AT’s official Pt Chev to the City project page for future updates.

Central Auckland Isthmus Project Feedback
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8 responses to “A new network for the inner west

  1. Looking at the maps it seems that a safe route along Great North Road has been requested by a large number of submitters. I also note that 16 submissions raised the Bullock Track/Great North Road intersection as dangerous ranking it 18th equal for number of mentions out of 911 submissions.
    Despite this, despite previous efforts, despite it getting raised regularly, despite it featuring at number 7 on NZTAs most dangerous intersections in NZ for any road user improvements are still put in the too hard basket.
    What concerns me about these results is that where people indicate a desire line in this sort of process it seems likely to me some will try it.

    1. I not that the Grey Lynn shops are not in the 1st tranche leaving a terrible disconnect for the foreseeable future

  2. I’m so jealous. I live off Dominion Road and I can just hope that one day we get separated cycleways. Imagine it. So many schools, so many shops to get to, such direct commuting. I can only dream I guess.

    1. I do imagine it!! Dominion Road with light rail and cycle lanes either side. I don’t think you only have to dream, I think we can lobby, petition and get 🙂

  3. “For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful.” It seems that this will make a big impression, by which I mean, there will be enough proper cycling lanes and other paint and signage to encourage people to give it a go because it looks like there is a decent network despite shortcomings. This has to be a good thing. Awesome AT, its impressive to see how hard everyone is working and the real progress that is being made.
    I’ve been wondering about College Hill. Its very wide and I wonder whether a space for cyclists could easily be created in the short term with a bit of paint. Would help slow traffic down in the interim as well. I’m surprised how many cyclists I see on the Hill.
    Elephant in the Room is Ponsonby and Jervois Road. They have the most utility but are the most difficult to get over the line. Maybe a good topic for challenging Candidates.

    1. That’s a great idea Bruce (College Hill) I suppose this again just comes down to the same old parking concerns. That would be the only barrier to doing this wouldn’t it? If people got as engaged about basically ANY other issue as they do about dumping and storing a giant pile of tin on the side of the road, that would be a kind of awesome world.
      I think I just had an idea.

      1. Well I took my car in for an annual service yesterday, I’d done 2100km’s in the last year. I was worried they would take it off me. Apart from congestion, finding a carpark for the damn thing is a major hassle and I don’t miss it for round town travel at all. Since I’ve used my bike, I’ve arrived at most meetings early and I can estimate my travel time accurately.

  4. “By the time it’s all built, says AT, over 17,000 households will be within 5 minutes of a cycle route.” This is just wonderful news. I’m really interested in the Meola Road part too, that’s a narrow piece of road and quite busy, but it is also a great connecter to sky path for the West.

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