A bike love-in to celebrate!

To the inn, for a bike love-in! This evening, the Cycle Action committee, Gen Zero, Frocks on Bikes, and friends will be heading over on the ferry to Northcote Point with our bikes for a meet-up at the Northcote Tavern.

We want to celebrate the Skypath resource consent, and also share the love (and our generous bike dollars!) with the neighbourhood that will be most transformed. We’re thrilled that our city is coming together around this.

Important note: we’re now aiming for the 5.50 ferry sailing. Arrive early to help with logistics, especially if you’re bringing your bike!

Feel free to head over earlier or later, but please avoid the 5.20 if you can – we really don’t want to inconvenience regular commuters on the busiest evening trip.

Massive thanks to Fullers for generously accommodating our wee flash mob 🙂

Ferry sailings are on the half hour, to Northcote Point on the Birkenhead route – see details below. Return ferries run until 11.15pm, and you’ll need to flag them down, so plan well ahead to make it home safely.

PS Bikes are not compulsory – pedestrians are a huge part of the Skypath picture, so you’re extra welcome. The Tavern is a leisurely 10 minute stroll from the dock. See you there!


Invitation to Northcote



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