What’s in a song – 2013 Bike the Bridge!

Bike The BridgeYour choice of song as you cycle over the Harbour Bridge? Its so iconic that Don McGlashan wrote a song about it.

“Oh Harbour Bridge
Why’d you have to be so high?
Lights across the water
A bracelet in the sky
You made it so convenient
To get from A to B”

And now we have the opportunity again to ride our bikes over our very own Harbour Bridge. MS Bike the Bridge is confirmed for Sunday 10 November offering not only the Harbour Bridge AND your once a year chance to ride the Northern Busway but also a finish line Festival on The Oval at North Harbour Stadium.

The song also asks:
“Oh Harbour Bridge
Why’d you have to be so long?”

But of course the Bridge is only 1km long, the gradient a gentle 3% (that makes it an ‘easy’ rating in NZ Cycle Trail terms) and the Pedal Auckland event a mere 20 km from start to finish. A very achievable distance you will agree?

MS Bike the Bridge also offers a 50km and a 115km option for the more adventurous!

And all events will finish at North Harbour Stadium where special cycling events will be help for primary school children and for pre-schoolers. Because the Harbour Bridge is actually part of State Highway 1 and dedicated lanes (the two cityside Clip On lanes) are closed to allow cyclists to ride safely over the Bridge there is a limit on numbers of entries.

Don’t miss out. Go to www.bikethebridge.co.nz and enter now.

And I know the question on your lips is “well actually how high is our Bridge?” 43 metres above sea level at high tide.

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