A big cycle campaign is underway now. It’s led by Cycle Action – Generation Zero – Spokes Dunedin- Cycle Aware Wellington and heaps of other groups who are working for safe cycling and better transport choice. 


The campaign asks you to help us get more $$$ for cycling in the draft Government Policy Statement for transport, which is open now for public feedback.

Investing more money in connected complete cycling routes is the fastest way to improve cycling safety across Auckland and other NZ cities and towns.

The Government will soon complete Auckland’s motorway network, and in the next decade will be going gang  busters to spread motorway tentacles to the north and south and across the rest of the country. Funding for public transport and cycling is pathetic! Cycling is only 0.6% of the draft national transport budget. This flies in the face of public opinion showing our top priority is public transport and cycling for wider transport choice.

Auckland Transport’s surveys show that 60% of Aucklanders would cycle if they had safer cycling infrastructure. We need  off-road cycleways along SH1 to the north and south of the Central Auckland, across the Auckland Harbour Bridge and fully connected into every local community.

It can’t stop there –  Auckland’s stop-start cycle lanes are archaic and a scandal. AT’s consultants describe the 27% of the so-called ‘completed network’ as being full of holes and hazards.  We need them to be totally overhauled and the network completed within the next decade.

Aucklanders want safe cycling and choice for kids, families, oldies, newbies and skilled riders. We all know that even those who aren’t up to cycling want their loved ones to be safe and healthy.

If you want this too –CLICK HERE  –  http://onyerbike.kiwi/


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