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Cycle Action enjoys working closely with the people in suits around Auckland and Wellington who play a big role in how and when we get $$ for cycling. I also have special respect and high regard for the contracting teams who are building the new cycleway projects, and their Communications teams. It’s time Auckland said a massive thanks to them all, as they are change agents supremo!

Causeway Alliance contracting team This is the team on Causeway Alliance building part of the new NW Cycleway at the Oakley Creek bridge opening.

People who cycle the NW cycleway frequently tell us stories about the staunch crews building the Transport Agency’s new cycleways beside SH 16. They’re working long hours in all weathers, are quick to open construction gates to keep the cycleway open, and wave us on our way with a smile.

Oakley Bridge Barb Shannon RicoI enjoyed chatting with Rico and Shannon at the bridge opening – I told them how impressed we are by the superb finish to the concrete deck of the bridge, as it makes for such a smooth ride and adds to the pleasure of our trip. In response they told me how they were looking forward to bringing their families to ride the bridge.

Another highlight of the opening as the karakia by project kaumatua, Nick Tapiki. I was glad the Communications team provided the greeting in both Maori and English, so we could all appreciate the beauty of text written by Nick and his wife.

Greeting                                            Translation
Ka tangi te titi                                     The Tui is calling
Ta tangi te Kaka                                 The kaka is calling
Ka tangi hoki ahau                             I wish to call
Tenei Mauri ora                                 Behold there is life

Nga hau e wha                                            To the four winds (East, west, north, south)

Nga iwi e tau nei – Tena Koutou        and people gathered here, greeting
Ki a Papatuanuku                                     to Mother Earth
e tatoko nei                                                 lying there
Te hikoi ao tatau tipua                            as we walk as one
Tena koe, tena koe, tena koe           Greeting, greeting, greeting
Ki a koe
E Rangi-te-po                                           Our Father above
E titiro mai nei                                         Looking down on us
Kia ora Koe                                              Thank you
Nga mate aitua o koutou                    The dead, the afflicted, both yours and ours
Ka Tangihia                                              We lament for them
I tenei wa                                                    At this time
Haere, Haere, Haere                              Farewell
Karanga mai ia matau e whai nei      Call us to seek
I nga Taonga I nga tipuna                    The treasure of our forebears
No Reira apiti hono atai hono         Therefore depths to depths
Te hunga mate, te hunga mate            To bless death, to bless death
Te hunga ora, te hunga ora                   To bless life, to bless life
Tena Koutou Katoa                                   Greetings to you all

Thanks  to Nick and Sarah from the Causeway Alliance.

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