The press ride – November

Nov 18, 2012
The press ride – November

Bike Auckland

A collection of cycling-related articles in the press – New Zealand and worldwide:

  • Hogging it all – There were some confused looks and anxiously obedient pedestrians (and presumably, also some brassed-off ones) when a UK Council seemingly declared almost all of an overbridge’s total width as a cycle path, leaving pedestrians with two thin slivers.  A case of misunderstood intentions – with amusing photo included.
  • David Hill: Race cycle fashion’s tour de force – how nice to see someone able to make fun of someone else with such glee and irony, yet without the malice.
  • If style in keeping your bicycle is REALLY important to you… – I also keep one of my bikes hanging around in my apartment, but that’s just some hooks screwed into the wall (at least they are still holding up, because the same attempt to hang up my girlfriend’s bike in her place just created some new holes).
  • Carbon Nanotube Bike Tyres? If you are REALLY wanting to avoid getting a flat – and NEVER EVER have to pump up the tyres. Space-age technology? Well, your teflon kitchen gear was space-age once too, so maybe this will be ready for prime time soon?

Heard any other interesting or funny press articles related to cycling?

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