Hey – what a terrific turnout last Thursday night to launch the Grafton Gully Cycleway! (That’s the new name for the path bringing the NW Cycleway into town).  Many thanks to our presenters – Scott Wickman, for his superb virtual pedal- through of NZTA’s section of the route;  Gyles Bendall (Auckland Council),  giving us glimpses of how Council’s Urban Design and Parks team will add to the project, and Melanie Alexander (Auckland Transport) for her assurances that we will get a seamless link path all the way to the Waterfront. The team at ‘matter’ (our favourite architectural practice from Grey Lynn) brought the show to a close with fast talk and great urban design and cycling images. We are impressed they can walk a tightrope between keeping things real, while floating stimulating and novel ideas.

Scott Wickman has given us a copy of his presentation and Melanie’s AT colleagues are just starting on the drawing board. This is your chance to get your ideas and comments into the ring. Add them to this blog and we will pass them on. Scott’s presentation is available for download in PDF format.

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