Thanks heaps for all the feedback we got from commuting cyclists using the NW Cycleway at Te Atatu.

Your practical advice and request for more protection on the diversion route has been taken on board by Fulton Hogan.   Their goal is to have the diverted routine  working for your morning commute on Monday morning.

Most importantly, they have put a temporary  protected cycle lane in place already on Royal View Rd. If you get a chance, check out the markers in the weekend to see what has been done to prevent cars  from encroaching onto the new lane.

How does the message below  from Fulton Hogan’s Project Manager for Lincoln Rd and Te Atatu sound to you?

Read below –

NW Cycleway Te Atatu diversion April 2014

“We believe we have a workable solution to assist your members at the Royal View Rd intersection during our detour.
We have moved the centre line of the Royal View rd south slightly for approx the last 50m to Te Atatu Rd to create a little more room on the northern side to create a cycle lane of around 1m+ wide. This lane now has some of the “safe hit posts” glued to the road to delineate the lane. Cyclists going to the city in the morning will travel in this cycle lane with the flow of traffic and using the ramp at the kerb at the intersection will get on to the current access road / footpath that will take them to the signalised intersection where they currently cross Te Atatu Rd to go to the City. When cars queue this will give them space to go past

On their way home at night they will follow the reverse route to Royal View Rd and then get into the dedicated cycle lane facing any oncoming vehicles (should be few at the afternoon time) and then they can cross the road at any point on to the left side of the road to head west with the flow of any vehicles.

We’re impressed by Fulton Hogan’s respect for the needs of cyclists on this vital route – shown by their quick action to take on board our feedback. We want to help them get the diversion underway, as it means it’s one more step to bring the upgraded permanent cycleway nearer.

Please respond in the next 24 hours with your comments, so we can give Fulton Hogan the ‘all systems go’ for Monday morning !

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13 responses to “Te Atatu diversion for the NW Cycleway ready to go – OK Team?

  1. As someone who cycles against the tide- i.e towards Henderson I suppose the suggestion is I use accessroad and then resume my ride on Royal View ( this will of course be difficult to cross against traffic). Still unsure why a temporary path was not considered in Mccormark itself as there is plenty of room. I also hope Rutherford College has been informed as hundreds of students use the path both on foot and increasing numbers on bikes.

    1. Hi Vinnie – thanks for your comments – it looks as tho’ you missed our first blog on this.

      We got lots of useful feedback, which endorsed the diversion provided protection was provided to the new route at a.m. peak hours. Fulton have done a v good job of taking on board all the feedback we got.

      Fulton Hogan have also consulted other stakeholders, including Rutherford High – They have just advised us –

      “Yes, Nettie Bird is our stakeholder / Comms person and she has been in touch with Rutherford High. I have copied this e-mail to her.”
      The contractors have a very narrow space in which to complete this project. We recognise that, plus the fact that the diversion involves very minimal additional distance for cyclists, and that it is in place for a relatively short time – August.
      To quote Fulton Hogan again “We have used up all our project designation so had no room for a temporary path within our work area without having to go into Auckland Council parks land. We figured the quicker we could get the work done and open the new path the better, rather than try to obtain temporary space for a path.”

  2. Does anyone know if any of the motorway works around Carrington road include connecting the existing off road cycleway, and perhaps an underpass?
    Also, if a bridge or underpass is intended for the upcoming works at St Lukes interchange?
    There doesn‘t appear to be much recent information available.
    Argueably, the cycleway is busier closer to town than Te Atatu

    1. We (CAA) argued for that during the board of inquiry – but NZTA is using up all the extra space under the motorway bridge for more car traffic lanes, and wasn’t willing to pay for something like that.

      At Te Atatu we managed to get an underpass as they were proposing to work in the area / would have made it worse for cyclists. At the Carrington Road crossing, the NZTA works will not directly affect the street, so…

      Positives (but maybe only in the mid-long run) is that Carrington Road is projected to become a lot quieter once the motorway opens. That may offer chances to improve the cycle facilities on the road / crossing facilities for the NW Cycleway. We are lobbying for that on several angles.

      1. It’s a shame seeing how much space has been created beside the motorway, it looks like they’ve removed some houses from the end of Parr Rd Sth. I’d think there’d be plenty of room for a cycleway. An underpass could still be built on the south side of the motorway bridge foundations.

        How about St Lukes?

  3. Just to clarify the lane is not protected and there are no ” safe hit posts”

  4. After using it this morning. There are no safe hit posts, so this is not proctected. I had no problems this morning except for the left turn from royal view rd into the access lane. the cars kept out of the cycle lane except for the very last part where they have to left turn onto Te Atatu rd and of course they all cut this corner and hense block it. so a flexible hit post on this corner would be a big help.

    1. Thanks to Vinny and Wayne for drawing attention to the lack of the safe hit posts. Fulton Hogan were delayed in getting them in place, but they were installed on Wed.
      Hope it’s better now, but please keep us posted.

      1. Yes thank you, the poles have been installed and have made a difference. I have found Fulton Hogan very responsive when problems at Hernderson Creek have occured. a quick visit to their site office, and it is fixed very quickly.

        1. I’m glad you are able to call in to make these bring these matters to Fulton’s attentions. It makes things so much easier for us all – so thanks for making the effort, Wayne!

        2. And a reminder that the great folk at Fulton Hogan were responsible for arranging a traffic management plan, traffic control and flexi bollards to enable Bike Te Atatu to provide a temporary ‘protected bike lane’ for our film shoot. Amazing people. Thanks Fulton Hogan.

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