If you have ever tried to get to/from Ponsonby Road from the Northwestern Cycleway, you know how frustrating it is to get onto/off the cycleway at Newton Bridge. Way too often, you have to either dodge fast traffic, or claim the lane in a multi-lane motorway interchange with little consideration given to cyclists wanting to get onto the cycleway from the northern side.

Stranded on Newton bridge

Add to that the fact that the rise up to Ponsonby Road and K’Road (visible in the back of the photo) is really steep, extremely car-dominated and speedy, and lacks any cycle provision. It it is no real wonder only the road warriors try it.

I mean, have you ever tried to explain to a mother how her child should “claim the lane” in such a situation like this? You’d probably be arrested for proposing child abuse!

Anyway, with proposals for Ponsonby Road cycling (have you sent in your submission yet?) gathering steam, we have recently inquired with NZTA about a joint project they had with AT about improving existing motorway interchanges for walking & cycling. This seems like a key one!

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