Sneak preview: Congestion Free Network – The Cycle Module

Header PosterHello everyone. In cooperation with Auckland Transport Blog and Generation Zero, CAA has spent the last few weeks developing the “Cycle Module” for the Congestion Free Network.

This will lay out a backbone network of high-quality cycle routes: safe, convenient and attractive – and ways to achieve them, even through town centres and on arterial roads, where too often, cycling has been put into the too-hard basket.

The CFN cycle routes will serve cycling in Auckland the same way as the CFN network will serve public transport. A step change on the infrastructure side, to support the cycle culture change!

For the public launch, you will still have to wait 1-2 weeks (we are still polishing…). However, because Auckland Council’s Transport Commitee has the last meeting before the election on the coming Wednesday, we have chosen to give them a preview of the Cycle Module.

So if you are able to make their (public) meeting on Wednesday, please come along, and get your first look at the CFN cycle network here:

Date: Wednesday, 4 September

Time: From 10am (we will likely be on around 10:15am-10:30am)

Meeting Room: Reception Lounge

Venue: Auckland Town Hall 301-305 Queen Street Auckland

Join us

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