Sharing the road with the AA

Oct 15, 2012
Sharing the road with the AA

Bike Auckland

One of the messages we use whenever motorists claim that “cyclists really have no idea how to behave around cars” is that the overwhelming majority of cyclists are, in fact, motorists as well. The reverse is also true – with several million of bikes in New Zealand households, most motorists are also (at least occasionally) cyclists.

It’s not the worst starting point for sharing the road peacably, though we have a bit to go. So it’s great that the Automobile Association’s latest member magazine has gone all-out with a cycling edition. You read that right – the AA’s most recent magazine features a full eight feature stories on summer cycling, from the New Zealand Cycle Trail to BMX to City Cycling to Frocks on Bikes.

Positive cycle stories for all of AA’s many members to read. Hats off to AA!

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