Thursday 14th April

SeaPath info session

Where: Northcote War Memorial Hall
When: 6-8pm

A chance to see the plans, meet some of the project team, and ask any questions you might have about SeaPath, the connection from Northcote to Akoranga.

The responses to the quick SeaPath feedback form we’re running with Generation Zero continue to flood in. A couple of thousand of you have already spoken up via our form, and we know even more have used NZTA’s online form and even the good old postal service.

A quick reminder: there’s an info session TONIGHT, Thursday 14 April, from 6 – 8pm at the Northcote War Memorial Hall, 2 Rodney Road, Northcote Point.

And there’s two whole weeks left – feedback closes April 29 – to really make clear how much Auckland wants and needs this wonderful connection!

So we’re asking you to pass the word on to

  • anyone you know who might want to walk or bike between Northcote and Takapuna
  • anyone with kids who’ll grow up to use that connection to get to AUT
  • any keen long-distance riders who fancy a connection on the shore
  • anyone who might be grateful to have a few less cars on that stretch of motorway!
  • and everyone who supports a bike-friendly city and gets that a network is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Because this is more than just a powerful local connection for people who live on the North Shore. It’s part of a growing Auckland-wide network of safe paths for walking and cycling.

Picture the possibilities: once SkyPath is finally in place and GI-Tamaki and the Northern Corridor and all sorts of other bike-friendly long-distance paths are built, and the local greenway routes start to take shape… you’ll be able to bike from, say, Glen Innes or Blockhouse Bay to the shore almost entirely without mixing it up with cars.

Fancy a weekend tootling circuit from your home base to the Northcote ferry and return to the Devonport ferry via the soft and friendly Green Route, with cafes and swims along the way? What’s not to like?


SeaPath is a key part of the big vision for a truly bikeable Auckland, which is why we’re encouraging you to make some noise.

And this isn’t ‘just’ a numbers exercise, although numbers are a strong measure of community support. Your detailed feedback is useful, important, and very very welcome. The lovely Sarah Price at NZTA tells us:

At this stage the Project Team is very pleased with the quantity and quality of feedback we’ve received to date.  There has been overwhelming support for a walking and cycling path in this area and really good conversations about the route and connections, both at either end and along the route.  A number of great suggestions on how the route could be even better have been put forward which the project team are considering and will work through in more detail once consultation closes at the end of the month.

Your voice really matters. Add it to the chorus! We’re happy to hand you the megaphone…. so here’s the direct link to our easy feedback form. Copy and paste, pass it on, and let’s make things happen.



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One response to “A chorus of support for SeaPath – help us spread the word!

  1. There is a cycleway on East Coast road that people keep forgetting about for some reason. One section is missing through, between Oteha valley road and Rosedale road. This would be very inexpensive to do, just some paint in most cases (there is already a shoulder that people park on semi legally). This is a vital piece to connect Takapuna and seapath to Albany and East Coast Bays as well as Whangaparoa and Orewa further up north.

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