Easy as 1-2-3: the SeaPath quick submit form

Mar 29, 2016
Easy as 1-2-3: the SeaPath quick submit form

Bike Auckland

Last week we told you about how plans for SeaPath are moving forward… and that we’d be working with our friends at Generation Zero on a super-simple quick-submit form to let NZTA know that you’re behind it.


You’ll see we’ve boiled things down to three major points:

  • a wide enough path for separation for people on foot and on bikes.
  • a safe crossing at the Onewa Interchange, so foot & bike traffic doesn’t have to mix with motorway traffic
  • let’s make sure to link SeaPath to places people need to go – not just future SkyPath, but Akoranga bus station, AUT, and Takapuna and beyond.

And of course you’re more than welcome to add your own thoughts.

Last year, we got over 10,000 responses supporting SkyPath. SeaPath is a key link in the cycleway network, which will not only link to SkyPath and the central city, but to the expanding cycle network on the North Shore, including the Northcote Safe Routes and the future Northern Corridor cycleway.

Let’s show how much we want SeaPath – and that we want it built right! Head on over to the easy link and add your voice.


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