PaintbrushIt’s true what they say: the squeaky wheel gets the oil. As our eyes on the street, you can help make your ride better, starting right where you are.

How to report problems on the road or on a cycleway

Contact Auckland Transport to report anything that’s getting in the way of your safe travel on the road or on the surfaces of shared paths and cycleways.

  • signal failure
  • glass in the bike lane
  • a pothole that needs fixing
  • someone or something parked in or across the bike lane
  • debris on the surface of the path (including e.g. leaf litter)
  • broken fences or missing signage

You can phone Auckland Transport on (09) 355 3553, tweet to @AklTransport (monitored weekdays 9-5), or let them know via this web form which also lets you attach a photo and locate the issue on a map.

If you’re a smartphone user, we recommend you install this page as a shortcut on your home screen, so you can easily report problems on the go.

NB No need to put yourself in a situation where things might get aggro. With motorists parking across bike lanes or entering protected cycleways, simply note the details (address, description of vehicle, license plate if you can) and make the call.

How to request pruning of greenery

All landscaping and vegetation – along cycleways, in parks, along footpaths and shared paths – comes under the purview of Auckland Council’s Parks department. This includes, for example, overgrown hedges, looming branches, or encroaching grasses.

Call Council on 09 301 0101 to log a request for pruning, maintenance, or any work needed to keep pathways clear and safe from vegetation. You can also submit a maintenance request online.

How to report dangerous driving

  • If it’s an emergency or life-threatening, call 111.
  • To urgently report erratic driving, dial *555 (free from a cellphone).
  • Or you can report a bad driver using this form.

How to take local action

If there’s something else you want to change locally to make things better for people on bikes, where to start?

Join or start a ‘Bike Burb’ – with Bike Auckland behind you and your group, this is a great way to find local bike-minded people and get active in your neighbourhood.

Speak up on projects at the local level, by keeping an eye on AT’s safety consultations in your area. There are always small upgrades going on, and your input is always welcome and helpful. You can find tips for how to give effective feedback in our guide on How To Be A Squeaky Wheel.

Contact your Local Board members to raise the issue, find out what’s being done, and ask how the Local Board can use their transport fund and partnerships to help fix it.

Keep the conversation going. Write a letter to the local paper or the Herald – be polite, positive, constructive, and concise. Spark discussions on Facebook or Neighbourly. Talk to local shop-owners about why bikes are great for business. Think tactically: what quick fixes could transform your street, and who do you need to ask?

Keep an eye on our front page: we highlight major projects where your submissions are needed, and some of these may be in your neighbourhood. You can also search by keyword, or get an area overview by clicking on PROGRESS in the main menu.