Quick Wins – An Update & Parnell Road

Hello fellow cyclists. We thought we’d give you a quick update on where our “Quick Wins” project to investigate and fix safety and amenity issues on Auckland on-road cycle routes is going.

During the last month, we concentrated on New North Road – and also received input from a number of you on what in particular bugged you there.

We have since compiled a report of all the issues we found and think could fall under “Quick Wins” to be fixed. They range from locations for short new cycle lanes, to changing traffic signals so that motorists wanting to turn don’t get pushy behind you while you wait for your own green light to go straight, to fixing a path pinch point at the entry to the City Centre.

With our report in hand, Auckland Transport is now starting their own safety audit, i.e. a formal investigation that will highlight the issues from the perspective of a neutral reviewer. After that occurs, we will overlap the two reports, and identify which fixes are most promising. And in a few months we hope you will start to see some improvements on the ground on New North Road.

Meanwhile, we thought we would contact you for advice on another route that is part of the 4 initial piloted for Quick Wins – the southern part of Parnell Road. What particularly bugs you about Parnell Road (between Gladstone Road / Saint Stephen’s Road in the centre and Broadway in the south)? What should be fixed sooner rather than later?

In our first assessment for example, we found the example shown in the photo to the top right – in this particular instance, the car drivers at Domain Drive intersection had left enough space for these two cyclists to get to the limit line. But wouldn’t it be great if we had a short feeder cycle lane leading you into an advanced stop box here?

Please provide your comments here in the comments section below – we’ll feed them back into the discussion with Auckland Transport.

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