Congratulations to our friends at Bike Te Atatu for their futuristic cycling and walking video for their suburb.

Bike Te Atatu is a community group on the Te Atatu peninsula who are passionate about bettering their community through cycling and walking. Lots of family and grassroots involvement. The group on FB has swelled to over 140 members since starting last spring and not all members are cyclists. They shot a short video on what the future of Te Atatu could be and it premiered last night.

Te Atatu kids cycling video

Contracting company, Fulton Hogan, (which is doing good work for the Transport Agency on the Te Atatu Interchange build, and NW Cycleway upgrade),  helped out with the separated bike lane shown in the film. Good one, FH!
It shows powerful collaboration and is a  reminder of how quick wins can strengthen and help empower our communities.

It’s such a heart warming viewing. Check it out!

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One response to “Power to the People – Bike Te Atatu

  1. It was fun to make. Now we just need the Local Board and Auckland Transport to get stuck in.

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