When we investigated AT’s progress report on extending the Auckland Cycle Network a few days ago, and found that only about 10km of cycle routes had been built last year – despite the plans calling for 62km a year – we also asked AT themselves for comment.

They didn’t really add many routes to our list (it remained around 10km – some of our early guesstimates actually went down, which counteracted the two three routes they clarified we had forgotten). But they also sent us a list of projects currently in the investigation / design phase.

So here are the “Investigations progressed in feasibility, scheme and design stages“.


Scheme Comment


Waterview Shared Path (Central) Scheme from Great North Road to New North Road


New Lynn to Waterview (Central)

Connection to Waterview Shared Path and links to recent investment in cycle facilities at New Lynn


Beach Road (Central)

Links to Grafton Gulley cycleway


Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive (Central)

Scheme connecting the waterfront to Glen Innes


Point England/Glen Innes to Panmure (Central)

Local network links connecting to AMETI and planned Glen Innes to Tamaki scheme


Ngahue Drive Cycle Route (Central)

Scheme Connecting College Road and Abbots Way
07. Ladies Mile (Central) Cycle Improvements

Orpheus Drive (Central)

Scheme investigating link along south western motorway improvements adjacent to current reclamation project


Waitemata Safe Routes Scheme (Central)

Scheme to support Local Board greenway project


Mount Roskill Safe Routes Scheme (Central)

Scheme to support Local Board greenway project


Don Buck Road Cycleway Stage 3 (West) –

Triangle Road to Fred Taylor Drive. Extends continuity of other investment on Don Buck Road


Don Buck Cycleway Stage 2 (West)

Construction commenced

Portage Road (West)

Scheme connecting Neville to Kinross

Station Road, Manurewa (South)

Scheme to improve walking and cycling links to Manurewa Station.


Browns Road, Manurewa (South)

Scheme to improve walking and cycling links to Homai.

St George Street, Papatoetoe (South)

Scheme to improve walking and cycling links to Papatoetoe Station.

Bridge Street, Papatoetoe (South)

Scheme to improve walking and cycling links to Puhinui Station.
18. Great South Road, Papakura Bridge – (South)

Scheme extends continuity of existing scheme that terminates at Beaumonts Bridge and improves safety crossing through Takinini motorway intersection.

19. Great South Road, Wellington Street Papakura (South)

Scheme extends continuity of existing scheme south of Papakura to connect with existing cycle scheme at Drury. Legacy scheme.

20. Northcote Safe Routes Scheme (North)

Scheme to support Local Board greenway project

21. Upper Harbour Drive (North)

Scheme to provide a high quality link between the north and the west.

22. NZ National Cycle Trail (Central/South)

Scheme between Auckland Airport and CBD currently underway.

23. New North Road

Scheme investigation

24. Auckland Domain

Design of cycle lanes and facilities

Mmm, 24 projects (well, some like 24. overlap with what was listed as “completed”, but most are new). Some really great and long ones too. Some, we hadn’t been aware of.

But the key will be: How long until they are built? Aucklanders cannot ride their bicycles on promises and plans alone. We’ll keep this list in our pockets when we talk to AT. And lets all hope that in 2014, we can tick off a few of them, and get above that depressing 10 km/year result.

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9 responses to “Plans and promised lands

  1. Aside from the Beach Rd lanes which will be pretty great if they go ahead there appears to be absolutely no other central Auckland cycle plans even under consideration – Auckland Transport are really fudging things when they claim a cycle lane in Panmure is anywhere near central Auckland.

    1. Central, North, East, West and South are AT’s five internal areas in which they divide Auckland for their work. They roughly correlate with some of the previous Council boundaries, i.e. West if Waitakere City, East is north Manukau etc…

      1. Yes makes sense – but considering cycle numbers in the central city they should be making more of an effort – large numbers of apartments full of people without cars who’d gladly use a bike if an effort was made to make it safer. I can think of so many low hanging fruit that they could aim for but don’t appear to bother.

        1. Yes, this is our attitude as well. But for better or worse, AT seems to have a feeling that it needs to be more spread out – i.e. if the population is spread out, then the cycle projects also need to be. Me, on bad days, I wish they’d just DO. Whereever, you know. Just DO some projects, more than 10 km a year…

  2. totally agree about lack on central cycling lanes. This is where alot of young people are living without cars, and bikes very useful. I have just bought a bike as have a number of my friends. Can make it to edge of CBD from inner suburbs, but won’t go anywhere within CBD as not facilities whatsoever, and as a new cyclist not keen for on-road cycling with no cycle lanes.
    Beach Road will be a big help, but need a western edge one too. How about narrowing Hobson/Nelson and putting Copenhagen lanes down there, and connect to old off-ramp which takes you too K Road.

    1. Luke, you will be pleased that all that is in the mix – CAA will be starting a campaign that includes those routes as flagship projects in the near future.

    2. It never fails to amaze me how quick cycling is too, cycled from Shortland Street out to St Luke’s Rd to visit someone in the weekend, 15 mins door to door. Far quicker than the bus, but almost no cycle lanes the entire length of Symonds Street and New North Rd, I could imagine both of those roads being packed with cycle lanes. Not only would it provide an extremely convenient commuting route but there are so many destinations along the length of both for people just going about their everyday lives on bike.

  3. And Skypath? Why does it seem like AT doesn’t support this project? Cycling’s version of the CRL.
    If they don’t can we hear this and why? Or is it just their general disinterest in cycling…. ?

    1. Private project, not in the funding plans, etc. etc. etc. – if you pressed them, they would probably note the Northcote safe routes project as a feeder to SkyPath. But it is certainly fair to say that AT have not been… a leading proponent of SkyPath.

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