Many thanks to Nick Thompson – who sent this to us while attending a conference in Europe.  He says …  “thought I would share this rather impressive cycling/pedestrian intersection I came across yesterday in Konstanz, Germany.”

We’re keen to get your visions of the steps to cycling heaven. Seeing it’s nearly Xmas, let’s be positive and focus first on indications that cycling is becoming embedded in our culture. It could be a cyclist or two who show how normal cycling is becoming – or infrastructure that is making our life easier . Send them in to our editor – 

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6 responses to “Pathways to Heaven

  1. I must say that I feel this is rather over-engineered (and I am a traffic engineer!). Great to see cyclists and peds given their own routes and intersections, but do we need to treat cyclists and pedestrians like cars, in areas where there are no cars around?

    Next, this intersection will need pedestrian crosswalks to show walkers where to cross the cycle path parts…

    Cutting back that hedge to ensure you can see who is coming around the corner is likely to bring better traffic safety benefits than the whole set of lines on the ground…

  2. I tend to agree with you Max. Your comment about the hedge is very appropriate. Years ago I was knocked off on a roundabout in England by a car and neither the driver nor I could work out why we hadn’t seen each other. It was dark and looking closely we found the central island on his approach had tall flowers planted totally blocking our vision. The Police who were proactive told the council and within two days the flowers were replaced with small ones!!

    Does a cycle / pedestrian path need an island at an intersection like this?

    1. Hi Richard

      Well, blocking sightlines at roundabout CAN have safety benefits, as drivers are supposed to slow down BECAUSE they can’t see (too) far.

      However, I have a personal dislike for hedges near shared paths, as my second severe cycle accident (and the only one for the last 15 years) was when a pedestrian stepped out around a hedge into my path. He wasn’t even touched – but I ended up going over the handlebars, two broken hands, really unlucky. And I was barely going 15-20 km/h.

      Anyway, I don’t think this path intersection in the photo needs islands etc…. – improve the sightlines, remove all that lines clutter, and MAYBE place it on a raised table, so the really speed cyclists get a cue that they have to slow down.

  3. I witnessed someone in a tri-athalon this morning on a Brompton (or similar folding cycle). Didn’t manage a picture as I was ‘at work’ looking after said riders. Made me smile.

    1. It would be fun to get some photos with this call to ‘send’. Too often I’m like you, Bryce, – out and about and an inspiring image whips past before I have time to click. It would be terrific to have a store of some of these for next time we need them or to illustrate a blog.
      Hope we get lots over the hols!

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