Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand license. Attribution: http://www.qfse.comWell, here we are again. “Cycle Plan Outrage”. After a lot of concern from local residents, several politicians have weighed in and asked Auckland Transport to allow more time for comment on the Great South Road cycleways (see our post from a few weeks ago).

This story has occurred many times when cycle projects have been proposed around Auckland – locals are afraid that if “their” parking in front of their door disappears, they won’t be able to drive anymore. Similar concerns from local shopkeepers, who are afraid they will lose business. And this despite Council having, for decades, mandated plentiful private off-street parking (to a degree that Auckland probably has more car parking than 95% of all cities worldwide…).

To be fair, it sounds like Auckland Transport could have done more communications homework. And it’s positive that the local folks and politicians in the news piece don’t express any noticeable hate for cycling – they are just arguing a classic “Yes, but think of the drivers…”

But in our submission to the coroner about the Jane Bishop fatality, CAA made the statement that the safety of road users – including cyclists – needs to come first. Safety needs to come before (parking) convenience.

So if you ride on Great South Road – or know somebody who does and want to make sure he / she is safe – then register your support for cycleways on Great South Road NOW.

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