Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 1.06.35 pmGreat minds think alike! Over on TransportBlog today, Cycle Action stalwart Greg N reviews his uber-groovy electric bike, a Pedego “Orange Smoothy.” Today’s post is all about the bike; tune in next weekend for more about the commute and Greg’s thoughts on the future of electric bikes.

It’s a great read. Greg’s a few years into being an e-bike rider, but he captures a lot of my experience so far, especially this bit:

never have to get up on the pedals to get up a hill – I can ride seated all the time if I choose. So e-bikes make it easy to become a “gentleman/woman rider”.

The best way to visualise this, is that it simply “flattens the hills”. What it won’t do well is push you up a hill very fast if you don’t pedal. But this simply means that you can pedal your e-bike as if it’s flat everywhere, i.e. it turns Auckland into Amsterdam.

What’s not to like? Pop over and read about the Orange Smoothy at TransportBlog, then pop back here and tell us what else you’re keen to know about electric bikes!

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