NW Cycleway – Henderson Creek – Lincoln Rd link opens !

NW-Cycleway-new-Lincoln-Rd-path-cpd--300x225I’d be a ‘big dog – wealthy woman’ if I had a dollar for every person who has longingly asked Cycle Action when the gorgeous new shared NW Cycleway path from Henderson Creek to Lincoln Rd will open.

The short story is it’s opening on Friday afternoon.

The longer story is that the Lincoln Rd section connecting to the cycle lanes on Triangle Rd and Central Park Drive is NOT SAFE TO CYCLE. Signs are about to go up to recommend we all stay on the Central Park Drive link – please do this.

The reason for this practical advice is that the land not used for road and available for the footpath is very narrow in parts and the road is a demented torrent of traffic. Sorry for being a a cop-out, but I use the route often when I visit family in Massey and am left gasping each time at the relentless flow and speed of vehicles using Lincoln Rd. Poor Westies – they’re starved of decent transport choices!

By all means enjoy the burst of pleasure by riding the gorgeous, sexy landscaped path built by Fultons and funded by the NZTA. Feel free to take a little diversion on the newly opened route, but we beseech you to go back and keep using the Central Park Drive connection.

We’re working with AT on the fairly major changes that will be needed to improve the links to Triangle Rd and Central Park Drive – but in reality  we’ll be doing band-aids until the major road widening work happens on Lincoln Rd in a couple of years.

NW Cycleway - Coming from Concourse at top of Lincoln Road junctionI’d love to be there handing out chocolate fish, because there’s a lovely good news story behind this route. Instead I’ll be with the NZTA in town, as I’ve been honoured with an invite to address a national summit of all  of the Agency’s project managers.

I promise you I’ll be giving huge accolades to these stars who deserve boxes of choccy fish.

  • First prize goes to Fulton Hogan and their manager Brian Robertson. We’ve sung the company’s praises before, as it has been a great friend and supporter of Bike Te Atatu’s innovative filming project promoting the suburb as a haven for cycling and walking. Brian has been responsive, flexible and communicative on every issue I have raised with him.
  • Second prize is awarded to a smart, quick thinking – acting and collaborative transport engineer based in AT’s Henderson office. I’d love to name him, but we’ve been asked to keep our references general to the collective AT agency. He’s the star of the West –  a standout with superb personal skills working in the cycling space.
  • A special bonus prize goes to Cycle Action’s local experts who give us eyes and ears along the NW Cycleway. Phil, Wayne, Carl and Annalilly keep us in the loop with informed, intelligent and responsible feedback. Big hugs for you all!

Cycle Action’s top priority is winning cycling facilities suitable for Aucklanders aged 8-80. With friends like those working on the Henderson Creek link, we’re another step along to delivering for this group. Great eh?


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